Silent Nights (my personal diary)

Ok my personal diary. Comment to help! :) xxx



Chapter 1 Hi! My name is- well lets just call me, hmmm, what about Scarlett! I've always love that name!!! Anyways this is my diary sorta kinda... XD ---------------- <"Really?! You cheat on me, then you break up with me, THEN You date the girl that you cheated on me with! Not to mention all on valentines day! I can't fucking believe you! Now you wanna pretend everything fine! You bitch!" I spat at him throu gritted teeth.> You might be wondering, 'what the fuck is she talking about?!?!' Well I am talking about my EX boyfriend who- well you read what he did. Now he won't leave me alone and keep saying 'oh I'm sorry' yeah sorry my fucking ass! So what do you think of him? Bitch? Cheater? Liar? Piece of shit? Well if this was multiple choice I would pick 'all of the above' Now you are wondering 'who would do this?' And I got the answer to your question: Dustin fucking Tyler! Yup him. Do you know him? Maybe... But why do I care? :) I USED TO LOVE HIM. BUT HE HAD 1 TO MANY CHANCES! HE HAD IT ALL. BUT HE RUINED IT. Nice talking to my NEW diary, Al- err, Scarlett.
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