War Angels Book 1: A look up can change your life

Steven was just 5 years old when his grandfather told him the stories about special creatures with huge wings that could lift them off the ground. A world above their own up in the clouds where they could not be seen by regular human eyes. But Steven and his grandfather had something in common. They did not have regular human eyes...


2. being 13 means alot

     Hey, its Argo here recording on earth with Steven and my sister Drea. Now we will be recording this segment of our life for all of you people who thought that we did not exist. Well im telling you we do. Anyways Il start from the beginning. If I didnt you would have no chance of understanding. But you must know some of the things we will be saying will make no sense to you so try to keep up.


     I woke up before my sister at exactly 8 clouds. (that is our method  of time by the way). I have blond hair that falls just below my ears and green eyes the color of emeralds. My sister on the other hand has brown hair that runs half way down her back and blue eyes that remind me of the sky its self. It was me and my sisters 23 Birthday (in earth years that is 13)  and as the prince and (by the way she hates this name) and the princess- (OUCH! she just slapped me...I told you she hates that word) Anyways as royalty up here in out sky realm we have to take a one week tour of all of the 15 territories that are spread out over your human world. As I got out of bed and went over to my closet to put on my specially made armor that was made for this day. When you are part of the royal family and you turn 13 that is a very special day for you because that is the day when your wings are supposed to open and you are supposed to show them off to the rest of the sky realm. As I put on the black thin clothing that was to go underneath the diamond encrusted silver armor, my sister woke up and followed my lead, putting on her black clothing under her diamond encrusted silver armor as well.

     "Exited for today?" She asked as she got u[ and pulled her hair into a braid down her back.

     "Nah, I just hope that I can get my wings open before you." I reply smirking as I walk out of the door.

     Downstairs the cooks were preparing breakfast. I watched them place the large silver platters onto the table. First the eggs. There were scrambled, sunny side up and down, fried, and omelets filled with sausage and other things. Then the pancakes and waffles. I could list the rest but I really dont feel like it.

     When me, my sister and my mom were seated at the table we serve ourselves. My dad has been dead for the past 5 years now. he died fighting in a war against the other territories. He won but was murdered soon after he was crowned king.   

     The minute we finished eating we left the castle and got on to a huge bus. We would be there for the next week so it (in earth terms its only 50 ft.). As we were about to take off a man walked onto the bus and introduced himself as Mr. Wagbur. As a war angel (that is our species) your wings are closed when you are born as if they were stitched to you. You are expected to have them open on your 13th birthday, but for royalty it is a big celebration.

      The man sat down, got comfortable and said, "I'm here to teach you to fly."

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