I love you (zayn malik fan fiction )

You will have to ready to find out


1. First day of school

Today Is my first day of coming back from summer break .i went to my first class math
I always sat in the back I took my seat then the teacher announced that we had a new student
He came through the door he was super cute he had a quiff with a blonde streak he introduced himself
I walked into the class and said hi to the teacher why won't u introduce yourself she asked ok hi I'm zayn malik ok the teacher said u can take a seat by jasmine I sat next to her she was pretty hot the way her long brown hair went down to her waist she was short which I like she caught me staring and turned around and blushed.
Omg he was staring at me !!i didn't know what to do so I turned around when school was over I had to walk home when I got out of school someone grabbed my arm and turned me around.
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