You and I

Could it really be?
From the very moment they layed eyes
On each other it was a love hate.
Soon on later they loved each other.


1. Nice to Meet You

Hi Im Layla. Here's the story how I met my Guy!
I just got out of rehearsels for One Directions back ground
dancers class. I worked really hard. Anything to get Harrys attention. He was adorable. But I could never talk to him. He would have to talk to me. But right now I was about to be embarrassed forever.
Harry bumped in to me and I fell
"Ow that hurt" I said
"Oh Im sorry didn't see you there" he said
"Oh it's alright" I said sweetly
"Are you alright love?" He said
"I am now" I laughed
"Your Funny, I'm Harry"he said
"I'm Layla" I said
"Nice to meet you" he said
"You too" I said"
With that I left the stage smiling.
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