You and I

Could it really be?
From the very moment they layed eyes
On each other it was a love hate.
Soon on later they loved each other.


3. He said into the microphone

They sang WMYB.
At the end Liam started talking.
" I know one of my mates here has a crush, so to get this person back for what he did to me I would just like to say.... Harry likes Layla." He said
I blushed. Harry came over by me. I was on my phone and didn't realize he came over.
"He wasn't lying you know" he said quietly
"Oh Hi sorry i didn't see you there" I said
"Can I take you out sometime" he said
"Can't I got plans" I said jokingly
"I never said the day" he said
"I know, but yes I would." I giggled.
"Someday I'll take you out" he said
I gave him my number. And I walked away. He was so nice. All of his mates came up to me saying be careful, he's nice but breaks girls hearts too.
I didn't listen though
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