You and I

Could it really be?
From the very moment they layed eyes
On each other it was a love hate.
Soon on later they loved each other.


2. Awkward

I woke up this morning smiling. I got ready for my dance rehearsels. Thankfully Harry was going to be there i would be able to see him. So I was already. Victoria Secert Yoga Sorts and hair up with a Victoria Secert Sports Bra with a sweatshirt. I finally got to the studio. We got to practice with the boys today. Fun!! They started Kiss you. We started Dancing. I almost died. Harry Sang his part to me well for 5 seconds to me though. "Oh tell me tell me how to turn your love on you can get get anything that you want" he sung and turned around and sang the rest. I kept dancing. We went on break. I was going to the vending machine and Harry came by me.
"Hey"he said
"Hi you were good today" I said
"Thanks you were good too" he said
"Thanks" I said cheerfully
"No you were really good and even better without the sweatshirt"he winked
"Hahah very funny" I said
"We better get going back" he said
"Yeah we should" I said
Then with that we walked back.
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