Destiny ( One Direction fan-fiction)

Destiny made Zayn and Veronica meet and fall in love. Destiny put Zayn in the same boyband as Veronica's co worker. Destiny did some pretty nasty things to Veronica that she wasn't ready for. Destiny made Veronica realize that maybe this isn't the guy of her dreams.
What else does destiny have planned for Zayn and Veronica?


1. Get out! - I'm leaving

Chapter one- Get out!- I'm Leaving


 Veronica's P.O.V
" Veronica! I didn't give birth to you so you could get drunk and hit a police officer with beer bottles! Did you ever think about your dad's reputation? What are people going to think of your dad when they find out that the daughter of an officer threw beer bottles at an other officer. Why Veronica? We never put any restrictions on you and this is what we get?"My mom screamed at me.

" I'm sorry. I had too much to drink that night"I reply, avoiding eye contact.

" It's a good thing that he didn't file a case against you. Make up a good reason for your behaviour for your dad. I'm not going to protect you anymore." She said going up to her room. I hear a car roll onto our driveway. Great, it's my so called dad. I hear the door slam behind him.

"Get the fu*k out of my house you bastard!" He yelled at me.

" I'm sorry. It won't happen again." I said trying to stay strong.

 " There will be no again. You are not going to live here anymore." He grabbed my arm and pulled me to the front door. This one will leave a mark for sure.

"Please, don't." I begged. My tears spilling down my cheeks. He opened the door and threw me out. I banged on the door. " Let me in!" I scream. Nobody answers. I walk down the steps to my house and start down the cold, dark streets of New York. I head to the only spot where I can be alone and have peace. A few years ago, I found this secluded spot off the forest overlooking a river. It was absolutely beautiful.


Zayn's P.O.V


I was absolutely at my limit. I can't take this any longer. I am 16! They can't control my life forever. I have a life too, you know? I listened to everything they said, but now I have had enough. Just take today for example- My friends and I were going to go to Florida together for the week like we every year. We would drive down to Florida and have a blast. But this year we decided to bring along a few of our other friends who were girls. And of course my overprotective step mother said no. Don't get me wrong, she is the worlds nicest step mom, she is just too protective of me. It's like living in a world with no fun. On top of that, I have to give a quarter of my salary to them. WHY you ask. I don't know. But I want to live life the way I want. I want to have fun, make mistakes and fall in love with my princess. But with my mom, she won't even let me come close to my princess. I planned on changing that. Tonight I will leave this prison called home. My mom and dad were both working late at the hospital. This was my chance to leave. I grab my backpack with a few pairs of clothes, my iPhone charger, a spare key, some money, and other little things. I leave my parents a note of my leaving telling them not to look for me. I grab the keys to my car and head out the door. I had no where to go as of right now so I head to the only other place where I can be alone. It's a spot of the forest, overlooking the river that only me and my real mom knew about.

Author's Note- Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed the first chapter of Destiny. Well, this reall wasn't a chapter, it was more like a prologue. The next chapters will be much longer, I promise! Please give me feedback on what you think and if I should continue or not! Lots of love- zayn's_princess

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