P.S. I Love You

Amanda and Josh know that the love between them is one of passion. One day, Amanda gets frustrated that Josh won't say that he loves her. Every day he gives her a pillow. Until one fatal day, she never realized how much they really meant.


1. Us

Amanda wasn't much of a gushy kissy kind of girl. Josh wasn't a real hold hands, skip class for each other guy. That all changed when they met each other. Every day, every night, Amanda and Josh's love for each other stayed strong.

knock, knock, knock

It was Josh again, awaiting to give her the daily pocket pillow. They have been going out with each other for 45 days. 45 pillows on her bed. Some were multicolored, some had patterns, and some even had faces on them. They were Josh's way of saying he loved Amanda. She just didn't know it yet.

It all started in high school, back when they were both juniors. It was love at first sight, if that's what you would call it. Amanda had over-stuffed her locker, and when she opened it, all of her stuff came out. The bell was about to ring, and Amanda was sure that she would be late. She reached for her textbook and was surprised when her hand met Josh's. She looked up and met his gaze. He smiled a dazzling smile and offered to buy her lunch later. Thus their relationship began. 

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