P.S. I Love You

Amanda and Josh know that the love between them is one of passion. One day, Amanda gets frustrated that Josh won't say that he loves her. Every day he gives her a pillow. Until one fatal day, she never realized how much they really meant.


2. Love

"Tell me you love me," persisted Amanda when her and Josh were in the park one day.

"I got to go meet my mom," replied Josh, studying his shoes.

"Fine," sighed Amanda. All she ever really wanted was for Josh to tell her he loved her as much as she loved him. So, later that day, when Amanda was out getting supplies for her school project, who did she come across? Josh. With his arm around another girl!

Amanda ran home, crying about how much of an asshole Josh was.

Weeks went by and Josh just left the pillows in Amanda's mailbox, seeing as she wasn't going to greet him. Until the day when Amanda's birthday came. The 84 day she and Josh had been going out. That's when everything fell apart.

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