The Skype Call Miracle

Olivia (Livy) Nicole Tyler is a typical girl smart, pretty, funny and absolutely in
love with British/Irish Boy Band, One Direction, but don't tell anybody, she likes to keep that a secret. but what happens when she calls her friend on skype but its not her friend it the one and only.........................Niall Horan


9. 9- Everyones Hooking Up ;)

*RECAP* the boys are at the interview they confessed about Olivia now lets go back to Livy House and see what the two trouble makers are up too.

.*Nancys Pov*

"Livy sit down" I was screaming at her because i made the mistake of giving her candy. She was jumping from couch to couch in her penguin onesi, she could be such a child sometime ohhh looking seasme street is on. "Lalala Elmos World lalala Elmos world hehehe" Livy was singing along. The boys are home thank god. "what the hell is going on" Niall yelled. "Two words Hyper Livy" I told them. "ohhh Elmo on the telly" screamed Louis I swear him and Livy can be twins. "Elmo Elmo Elmo Elmo Elmo" Livy screamed. "Yes Cookie Monster" I said. "you should invite Chloe Kaitlyn and Jessica" she screamed. "only if you stay still" i said. "I got this". Harry said and went over to livy and wraped his arms around her and sat her down. They are such a cute couple. I saw Niall smiling at me for the past 7 minuutes do i have something in my teath omg is my shirt backward. He started to come foward to me and i started to get nervous. "Hey Nancy righ" Niall asked. "yea" i told him yea i couldnt have been any lamer if i tried. "well i was wondering if maybe if your not busy or seeing anyone at the moment if you would want to go out wih me tonight". he said all nevously he so cute andhis hair is adorable when its a mess and look at those braces wait focus Nancy talk before he thinks i dont want to go out with him. "I would love to Niall how about tonight at 8 pick me up" I asked "perfect" he said. *Chloe, Kaitlin, Jessica come over* 


its a party everybody over woo. "Who wants to play a game I have twister, candy land , Monopoly" I said really fast. "Let's play truth or dare" Niall suggested. We all agreed so we all sat down in the living room and stated with Liam. "Chloe truth or dare" "Truth" "do you like me more as a friend" he asked "did I say truth I meant dare" she laughed " fine I dare you to answer the question" Liam smirked. Chloe started to giggle "fine yes I have a crush on you" Liam started to smile "I was hoping you would say yes so um Chloe would you like to go out with me" he asked " sure why not I'm not busy" Awww Chloe and Liam hahaha Ciam or Lhloe haha they both sound stupid. "Okay who next" Zayn asked " you can go Zayn" I told him "Jessica truth or dare" he asked. "Dare" she screamed damn woman were not deaf no need to yell, " I dare you to go out with me tonight" he said smirking at her Jessica smirked back and told him " my house 6 pm be there". "Louis your turn" I screamed. "Kaitlin truth or dare" damn if this one of those if you like truths or go out with me dared I'm bringing out the big guns. "Dare" " I dare you to go out with this Friday night" he smirked "okay" she started to giggle that's it bitches are dying tonight where my shot gun. Niall is going now and he just asked nancy truth or dare if its some dating crap I'm going all ninja on their ass. "I dare you to kiss me" Niall said smirking "whatever you say babe" they kissed. "ewww get a room" i lauged. "okay my turn now, Livy Truth or Dare" Harry asked. "DARE DARE DARE" better not be this lovey dovey crap or im dumping his sorry ass haha no i could never dump him have you seen that face. "okay calm your tits, um I dare you to put hot sauce, ketchup, mustard, cinomon, and a egg mix it togeter in one cup and drink it. omg im going to regret later but you know what a dare is a dare aand guess what i did it. "oh god that horrible" Niall said covering his nose. "why would you agree to this Livy" Nancy said gagging on the smell "i think im going to be sick" Zayn said coughing. Wel after that it was getting late so we all slept in my living room. "good night guys" I said barfing into the toilet. 


Speaking of good night i should get going i have school tomorrow. i wonder what the big annocement is cant wait. well goodnight monkeys sleep dreams <3


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