The Skype Call Miracle

Olivia (Livy) Nicole Tyler is a typical girl smart, pretty, funny and absolutely in
love with British/Irish Boy Band, One Direction, but don't tell anybody, she likes to keep that a secret. but what happens when she calls her friend on skype but its not her friend it the one and only.........................Niall Horan


8. 8-Secret Out


Liam, Louis and Zayn are over and Livy is telling them the story of how everything happen. "So it just a accedental Skype call" Zayn Said. "I like to call it the Skype call miracle". They laughed at me Where is my bike. "hey can i talk to you in private livy" Harry asked me "sure im not busy" i told him. we walked into my room and he closed the door oh snap he going to rape me help 911 Harry Styles gonna rape me. "i been thinking your a pretty girl and we been friends for a good 4 months and i really like you so would you um er go out with me sometime" he said to me holy fudgecakes THE harry styles wants to go with me oh god someone pinch me i must be dreaming okay livy be cool and collective cool and collective "of course i will go out with you babe" i said smilinng like a idiot "good i dont know what would of happen if you had said no" he said "i think you would of kept on asking me til i siad yes" i said laughing. We went down stairs holding hands and Niall is eye balling me and him like we did something wrong. "what going on here" Niall said pointing to our hand holding "it not what you think" i told him "your going out" he said "oh so it is what you think". "Hey guys we have an interview to go to in 5 minutes i totally forgot" Liam said dammit Liam I thought you were supposed to be daddy direction your supposed to know these thing pull your shit together. "damn it lets go guys" Louis said "bye Livy it was nice to meet you and you to Nancy" said Zayn. "you want me to tell them about us" Harry said "you might as well were directiners are better then the FBI their going to find out eventually" i told him "okay babe i call you when im done bye" he siad and kissed me on the cheek and they were gone. "Hey Livy want to make a fort like we used to when we were kids" Nancy told me "hell yea" i siad we started putting the couch and pillows and blankets makig it into a fort.


"Hello and welcome to the dan dingo show (made up name idk i couldnt think of any) and today we have five special guest and one of them have some exciting news for us" said the interviewer. "everybody please welcome to the set One Direction, hello boys how are we today" "we good dan its nice to be here we watch your show every chance we get" said Liam. :well its good to know someone out there is watching my show, so Harry I heard about the news would you like to tell the viewers" "well i dont know if any of you caught the twitcam last week with me and Niall and some girl, well if you guys are wondering that some girl happens to my girlfriend" said harry. " awe thats nice how you guys meet?" Dan asked. "it actually a funny story Olivia my girlfriend was going to Skype her friend but pressed the wrong button and calle Niall so Niall and her were friends for awhile and then we met at a restraunt few months ago and we became friends and today we invited the guys over to her house so they can get to know each other and a few moments ago before we left i asked her out and she said yes". Harry explained. "well it sounds like a good start i hope yu guys stay strong and have a good night everybody". 



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