The Skype Call Miracle

Olivia (Livy) Nicole Tyler is a typical girl smart, pretty, funny and absolutely in
love with British/Irish Boy Band, One Direction, but don't tell anybody, she likes to keep that a secret. but what happens when she calls her friend on skype but its not her friend it the one and only.........................Niall Horan


7. 7- Lies Lies Lies




School is finally over it is Summer time im so excited. "Hey Livy can i sleep over tonight" Nancy asked. "sure my parents are going to Florida for their anneriversy so it be just us for a few days" I told her. When we got back to my house my parents already left they left me some money and now its just me, we went to my room and she wanted to be listen to Justin Bieber so we blasted it. I heard my laptop go off it probably Niall or Harry trying to Skype me or something. "what was that" Nancy said as she turned off the music. 'um I dont know my laptop probably" i said. Nancy was walking toward my computer and she opened and BAM there was Niall all happy and Irish on Skype god dammit stupid sexy Irish boy. "oh umm hi" Niall said. Nancy turned to me in shock "what is going on" she asked me. I was trying to find the right words to use but i couldn't say anything. "im Niall Horan from.." Niall said but was cut off by Nancy " yea i know who you are but how do you guys know each other" she asked  I told her how it all happen "and now were friends" i told her. "so all this time you were lying to me" she told me "yea but.." she cut me off "No you lied im yourt best friend your supposed to tell me everything I dont care that your Directioner i dont care that you friend with Niall all I care about is the fact you lied to me" she yelled at me. I felt horrible i never meant to lie. "im sorry Nancy i really am please forgive me your my best friend the only person who really gets me" i told her I even gave her my special puppy eyes. she looked at me and smiled "God dammit stop with the eyes alright alright your forgiven" she  laughed and hugged me "umm im still here guys: Niall said. i just laughed "how about you and Harry come over for a bit we can watch a movie or something" I asked him. "sure we be right over see you soon babe" he said and hung p on me. "so are you and him like dating or something" Nancy asked me "oh no were just friends he like a brother i always wanted" i told her "oh cool" she said.

-few minutes later-

Niall walks in "were here" he screamed" I came running downstairs "yea Niall just come barge in my house who needs to ring the bell" I told him he just laughed, he laughing at me thats it where is Oscar my bike btw if you forgot who is. "Hey Livy that twitcam we did a few days ago everybody is wondering who you are" Harry told. I was thinking aabout this long and hard an i said who cares if im friends with them " im your best friend" I smiled at them " but I thought ..." Niall said before i cut him off "i dont care your are my best friends and i dont want to hide it any more now lets have some fun and oh invite the others" I told him. Harry called Louis Liam and Zayn and they are on there way. 

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