The Skype Call Miracle

Olivia (Livy) Nicole Tyler is a typical girl smart, pretty, funny and absolutely in
love with British/Irish Boy Band, One Direction, but don't tell anybody, she likes to keep that a secret. but what happens when she calls her friend on skype but its not her friend it the one and only.........................Niall Horan


20. 20- Talent Show (Part1)


Tonights the talent show and i still need to get Harry to be mine. "Just give it a rest Abbs he not going to be yours" my friend Destiny said. "look des you have a boyfriend and i dont that is very sad" i said to her. she gave me a disgusting look "what is that supposed to mean" Des said "it means im the most popular girl in the school and now since the One Direction gang is here they have to be mine" i said. Destiny got up "not everybody loves you Abby you need to get ahold of your self" shre said as she left my room.


I wrote my song for tonights talent show "Olivia time for school" my dad yelled up to me "im coming" I grabed my song book and bag and ran out to the car.


I been waiting for livy outside of school for about 15 minutes, I saw her run up to me, she jumped into my arms. "Harryyy i finished my forst song" she said excitedly "good for you can i hear it" i asked "nope not until tonight". i groaned. we walked into class. 


Me and Niall are sitting at the table. im just picking at my food. "babe you alright" Niall asked me as he rubbed my arm. I sighed "yea its just my dad got a job in California and we have to move next week" I said as i got teary eyes. "oh well um dont worry love were figure something out" Niall said as he gave me a weak smile. I smiled back and wiped away the tears. We saw Harry and Livy and everyone come over. "Hey Hey" Liyv said as she sat down. "hey livy are you doing the talent show tonight" Louis said. "yup i wrote a song" she said as she stuff her face in food "whats it called" i asked her "Perfect" she said "what it about" Kaitlyn asked "jezz what is this 20 Questions you will find out tonight" Livy said as she laughed. I looked down and i guess Niall knew what i was thinking "hey nancy dont you have something to tell us" he said as he looked at me "oh yea im moving to Cali my dad got a job" I said looking at them trying to cry. Livy ran over and attack me with a bear hug "Noooo you can leave me here with these mofos" she said "im sorry livy" i said "but who going to my wiffey" Livy said aas she gave me the puppy look. I think i might miss her the most we been friends for 16 years and now im leaving to a diffrent counrty, " i dont know i wish i can stay but i dont habve any other family here eveyone lives in Cali" i said. Then Niall got an idea "maybe you can live with me, we have plenty of room and i dont think the boys wont mind as long as your parents are cool with it" Niall said "i talk to them after school would you come with me" I asked him "of course love" he said 


-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SORRY FOR THE SHORT CHAPTER I KNOW THIS ISNT MY BEST ONE 

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