The Skype Call Miracle

Olivia (Livy) Nicole Tyler is a typical girl smart, pretty, funny and absolutely in
love with British/Irish Boy Band, One Direction, but don't tell anybody, she likes to keep that a secret. but what happens when she calls her friend on skype but its not her friend it the one and only.........................Niall Horan






BREATH OLIVIA JUST BREATHE in and out i feel like a pregnant woman about to give birth. all i did was look at my computer screen and try to not freak out only seeing Niall that sexy Irish boy smiling at me, okay be cool Olivia he only part of the worlds biggest boy band which you love but pretend to hate okay im calm now all i have to do is use my words and were off. "ummm errr sorry i meant to call my friend sorry to bother you bye" PLEASE DONT LET ME GO PLEASE DONT LET ME GO PLES...." " No dont go i have nothing to do im bored" Niall said. All i could do was nod my head. "so tell me about your self love" Niall asked me. "well my name Olivia Nichole Tyler but most people call me Livy umm i play alot of sports im into acting and im just a very random person who has no care in the world" I said smiling proudly. he laughs he laughing at me well can i blame him I am hilarious. "Nice to meet you Livy im Niall as you know" he said " I indeed know who you are" he laugh at me again okay either of just this funny or he laughing at me in a mean way.....NAH im just that funny. "so are you a fan" he asked me "No I am not a mechanical device that when plugged in and switch to appropriate level that will blow air to cool a room down I am indeed a HUMAN" he laughed at me again damn on a role "no i mean someone who admires someone greatest achievements" he shot back at me "ahhh wise comeback grasshopper you learn well but you know you guys have a great style a your have good tasting music in no sense that i eat your music im not that wired" who am i kidding you boys are sexy mofos ahh my feels it hurts it physically hurts when i see, hear, or just something that reminds me of you boys. "well I should be going" he said. NO dont leave me i thought what we had was special i think im going to cry and die in a whole my heart is broken. "but can i talk to you again babe" he said. Oh my fudging carrots he called me babe Niall James Horan you are going to be the death of me YES 1000000 TIMES YES. "of course babe" i said did i just call him babe smooth Liv smooth. he smiled and said "great hats your twitter name i follow you" " its LivyJB69" yup gotta love my twitter name. he just laugh how my twitter name was so dirty "okay well lets do this again tomorrow same time same place" he asked me ahhh i dont know i have to check my schedule YES "sure i would love that" omg i swear if he could read minds he would be terrified as a baby penguin if he read mine. "Bye Livy" he said "bye Niall" and with that we hung up and i did my little happy dance chanting "THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER" before going into my deep sleep i whispered "its a Skype call miracle" 


"Livy i tried calling you yesterday what happen" my friend Nancy comes running to me at my locker. "oh you see when i came home i went straight to sleep" yea yea lying bad blah blah blah. "oh okay" *bell rings* " ugh I have the class we the Directioners how fun" she said i laughed "have fun babe" man what is she going to think when she finds out first i am inlove with One Direction and second i befriended Niall James goddamn Horan maybe i wont tell yea what she doesn't know wont kill her. *in History class* "okay class" My History teacher Miss Peters "today for homework i want you to do Page 1 Activity D" Page 1 Activity D 1D she wants us to do 1D am I the only one who notice these things 


"IM HOME" I screamed when i walked in and BAM its a note from my dear mommy and daddy they have gone out for the weekend woooooo HOME ALONE do you know what that means......NO you littles nastys im not one of those teens who have a hard kick ass party when her parents are away I spen the whole day in shorts and a tee blasting 1D music while singing and dancing around my room. So I ordered some pizza it should be hear soon im dancing around listing to music "IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT" I was twirling around til i saw my computer and horror spread across my face Niall Fricking Horan saw me not only dance but sing just kill me now "dont let me stop you please continue" he laughed at me i couldnt help but smile "NIALLERRRRRRR" I heard someone say in the backround "who was that" I asked "its Harry hey im going to turn you off so you can still see me but they wont see you" he told me "man i feel like a stalker" i told him all he did was laugh he turned off the camera and i just sat there smiling like a idiot when i see one direction appear on my computer screen 



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