The Skype Call Miracle

Olivia (Livy) Nicole Tyler is a typical girl smart, pretty, funny and absolutely in
love with British/Irish Boy Band, One Direction, but don't tell anybody, she likes to keep that a secret. but what happens when she calls her friend on skype but its not her friend it the one and only.........................Niall Horan


19. 19- Plan A

RECAP: so livy and harry got detention and Livys Dad is prety pissed off so now Livy s grounded will she rebel or beheave?



Today is the Talent Show Sign Ups and they are having record companies come and chec it out but were not aloud to auddiotion because were famous and blah blah blah, it sucks. "hey babe you seem pissed whats up" Kaitlyn asked me "we cant sign up for the talent show because were professionals and all" i said to her in a annoyed tone "who said that" she asked me "Miss Boppin" i said to her "yea she doesnt let anyone who is professional try out for something that is meant for amutuers" she said "what a bitch" i said "i know but come on were going to be late" she said "we have lunch now" i told her " yea and i went to get on line before all the pepper pizza is gone" she said laughing "okay im coming" i said laughing god she adorable.


okay if im going to get to harry i need little miss directioner to back off. forgot about Jessica dream im going to take away something else her dream. "Miss Bobbin what are the restrictions fo the talent show" i aslked her 'you need to have an 80 percent average or more and you cannot be oin any sort of trouble" she said "thank you" i said to her smiling. say good bye to Harry and the talent show mahah. now if you excuse me i need to do some photoshopping


"Harry i got to go to class meet me in the band room after the bell" i said to him "okay babe good luck on your Chemistry test" he told me and gave me a kiss on the cheek "thanks babe see you later" i told hi as i was walking in the chem room -bell rings- "okay everyone take your seat the faster we settle in the faster we can take the test now this test counts as 75 percent as your grade and this is your first test so do well" Mrs Webber said as she handed out the test. 10 minutes in the test i saw Abby looking at me so i looked back 'MRS WEBBER OLIVIA IS CHEATING ON ME" Abby screamed she almost bew my ear drum off "Miss tyler you know the rules" Mrs Webber told me , she took my test and torn it in have and gave me a pink detention slip now I know my dad going to kill me. -class is over- I go in the detention room i was about to text harry what appen but Miss Tater Tot took my phone "no phones during detention" gahh this is going to be a long 2 hours.


I been waiting almost 20 minutes for Livy she should be here by now , i noticed the door open "livy?" i said as i turned around "no its Abby i was trying to find you i need to show you something" she told. livy told me about her bullshit so im not believing anything unless she got prove. "Livy cheating on you with Josh" she said sadly. no livy wouldnt do that "no she didnt stop your lying" i snaped at her about to leave. she grabbed my arm and said "i wish i was joking here look at these pictures" she said as she handed me five pictures of Livy and Josh making out and holding hands and laying down on top each other. tears started to form "wh--hh--why would she do this"  i said pratically sobbing "maybe revenge when you cheated on her" she said as she rubbed my back. I stood up and ran out of the class room and bumb into somebody when i stood up i saw livy "harry i been trying to call you forever ii.." she started to say but i cut her off "how could you I thought you were good i thought we were good, god your such a slut" i screamed at her. she steeped back and tears began to form "What are you talking about" she said  "this Livy im talking about these pictures of you and Josh kissing and all" I yelled and threw the photos at her 'who told you this" she said "abby did and im glad she did" i told her "harry dont you see what she doing she tryig to take you away from me because she not the popular girl anymore and if she gets you peole will ignore me and love her" she said. i didnt know what to believe Livy eyes look like she was telling the truth but those pictures look so real. I took 5 minutes to think and hugged livy "im sorry i got mad its just im jeleous and i dont want to loose you" i said "baby you can never lose me no guy in this school can give me what you already have" she said. I kissed her "I love you" i told her "i love you too but i got to go my dads going to kill me now" she said running off "i call you later" i shouted after her.

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