The Skype Call Miracle

Olivia (Livy) Nicole Tyler is a typical girl smart, pretty, funny and absolutely in
love with British/Irish Boy Band, One Direction, but don't tell anybody, she likes to keep that a secret. but what happens when she calls her friend on skype but its not her friend it the one and only.........................Niall Horan


18. 18- Detention

RECAP: Abby is up to something and its not anything pretty. Check it out:


First week of school is over thank god. but now its Monday again i hate mondays but hey who doesnt. I decieded to go to school early to so im not late. I opened my locker and saw a note: "Your Be Mine Soon Enough xx" um thats was weird maybe it just some crazy girl or one of the lads trying to freak me out. I took the note and threw away I saw Livy at her locker. "Um im going to need to see a hall pass young lady" I said in a deep voice, se shut her lockers and smiled at me "sorry sir i dont have one but i have a better one" she said and gave me a kiss "mhmm i like this" i said inbetween the kiss. she giiggle "of course you do, hey i got to go i see you in chemistry" she said giving me a kiss on the cheek and running off "see you later love" i shouted out to her.  -bell rings- crap im going to be late again. -in class- "Mr Styles nice of you to join us but so you know you work on my time not your time" my Chem teacher Mr Crab said, no wonder why his last name is Crab he so crabby (Cheesy I know just go with it) "I see you in dentention" Mr Crab said. crap 2nd week of school and dentention.  all of sudden Livy came rushing in "ahh another one who late you know Mrs Tyler you known for dententions maybe you should show mr styles the way" Mr Crab told her "it will be my honor" she said smiling and taking her seat "babe you.." I started to say till she interrupted me "shhh im trying to get my learn on" she said, I smiled god she so adoarble, I turned around and started writing down my notes.


-detention- Im such a bad ass and my dad going to kill me when i get home but oh well "No Talking" Miss Tater said, i like to call her tater tot but now im hungry god i wish i had food,  Harry started walking into the class when Jake screamed out "god its so hot in here" "oh im sorry i should go" harry said laughing turing away "come join us mr styles i dont care how famous you are you still have to obey school rules" miss Tater Tot said, "yes ma'am sorry ma'am. I just laughed he seemed scared like he never gotton detention before - detention is over- -outside of school- "hey harr you coming over or you going back to the house" I asked Harry as we walked out side "i come with you, you understand the Chem homework" Harry asked me "dude chem is so easy how do you no understand" i laughed at him "you know what miss smarty ants im gonna get ya for that" Harry said as he chased me to the parking lot. I ran away but he caught up to me and picked me up "ahhh Styles put me down" i screamed out laughing. we got in harry's car and drove to my house. -live while were young comes on- "LETS GO CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY TIL WE SEE THE SUN " i sang out loudly harry stared laughing at me "leave the singing to the professionals babe" he told me while laughing we pulled into the drive way and went in the house to find my mom cooking my favorite food steak and potatoes and my dad in the living room watching the baseball game. "hey daddy" i said to my dad as me and harry sat on the couch to watch the game. "hey hun where were you, your an hour late" my dad asked me "oh i was late for Mr Crab's class and i got detention" i said while being focus on the game "what did i say, if you got another dentention" my dad told me as he mute the tv and looked at me "dad that was last year i didnt know that applied for this year too" i said in shock "well now you know and you now know you cant play soccer this year"he ttold me "but dad" i shouted "dont scream at me i warned you if you got another dentention you couldnt sign up for anything all year which mean no soccer, no basketball, no dance, and no soft ball" he told me "thats not fair it was one dentention one time" i yelled " no it wasnt do you know how many dententions you got last year" he souted back "umm" i started to say "excatly you dont know , you got 15 dententions and im not alouding that anymore so Harry going to go home and your going to your room and study till your brian burst" he told. I rean up the stairs and slammed my door "good bye Livy" harry shouted up at me, he said goodbye to my dad and left. I finished all my homework and im still peved at my dad so i picked up my guiltar and started to write a song. After i finished i decieded to sign up for the talent show next week. I put my lyric book away and layed down and fell asleep.


I wonder what the song going to be? the world may never know anyway i may update later tonight or tomorrow after school and yes im still in school i know it sucks -.- but hey its only 13 more days so no big deal anyway thanks for reading and please please give meh feedback :) thank you

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