The Skype Call Miracle

Olivia (Livy) Nicole Tyler is a typical girl smart, pretty, funny and absolutely in
love with British/Irish Boy Band, One Direction, but don't tell anybody, she likes to keep that a secret. but what happens when she calls her friend on skype but its not her friend it the one and only.........................Niall Horan


16. 16- "Fakes"

RECAP: (LAST DAY OF SCHOOL FOR MEH) First day of school in the story :3 so anyway its back to school woohoo and the boys are finishing their last year of school while the girls are finishing their 3rd year. Now lets see how much attention they will get.


Its the first day of my senior year and almost every girl asked me out or for my phone number. I signed u for the soccer team so that will keep me busy for the year. Me and Jess have no classes together (how sad). "Hey Zayn im having a party over if your interested" this girl said all flirty. "um..." i stared to say until "No sorry Sammy he is super busy today" Livy said smirking at her, "how about you let him answer" the girl who name is sammy apparently said. "he new and shy and plus since when did you like him you always hated me for liking them" Livy said "yea but thats was when he didnt go here now he does and he famous and he needs to learn to hang out with the popular crw not the loser crew" sammy said "oh so if i dont have sex with every guy in school that makes me a loser, fine by me" Livy said. I thought i should break it up before they started a fight "um Livy come with me to my locker i fogot my combo" i said quicking while pulling her away from the scene. "you forgot your combo again" livy questioned " no i just needed to get you out of there before you go on a rampage" i said " oh well thanks for looking out for meh oh and jessie said she changed lunch peroids so you have the same lunch and she wants to meet you in the music room" Livy said as she was walking down the hall 'okay thanks for the heads up" i yelled.


I was walking to my third period class and I saw Harry sitting next to Abby the head cheerleader or i like to call her the princess so when i saw Josh captian of the all star football team i decieded to sit next him and talk to him. "hey josh" i said to him being all flirty "hey livy how was your summer" he said flirty back. before i answered i saw harry looking at us all jealsouly "my summer was the same all alone in the house" i said pretending to sound sad "awe you should of called i would of kept you company" he said being all flirty. I smiled and looked at harry he seemed to be jealous and started to talk to Abby "so Abby how was your summer" he said smiling at her, well played styles well played "lonely i wish i knew you before so i could of called you, you would of kept me warm and company" she said flirty while rubbing his thiegh (i dont know if i spelled that right :3 sorry) he seemed nervous so i walked of there and grabbed his hand "look princess he doesnt like you he was just being nice so back off" i snaped at her "oh and what he likes you your nothing but scum trash your nothing" she yeld at me. the whole class was looking at me " no how about you back off before i tell the school what you did and you know what im talking about" she said . i had it with i had it being scared of her im done with her so i walked right in her face " wanna blackmail go ahead but listen closely i can play to just better" i said to her i grabbed harry and kissed him " your mine dont you forget it". he kissed me "never" he said smiling. the bell rang and we took our seats, i looked at Abby she wants play the game, i can play the game to.



sorry its kinda short i hae to get to bed soon. please cheek pout some of my other stories that would be greeat and dont forget to give me some feedback thanks :) i ty to update tomorrow 

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