The Skype Call Miracle

Olivia (Livy) Nicole Tyler is a typical girl smart, pretty, funny and absolutely in
love with British/Irish Boy Band, One Direction, but don't tell anybody, she likes to keep that a secret. but what happens when she calls her friend on skype but its not her friend it the one and only.........................Niall Horan


14. 14- Memories

-RECAP- Its been 3 months and Livy is still in a coma. Harry is devasted and hasnt left the hosptial. The boys are worried if Livy dosent make what will happen to Harry. Doctor say if she doesnt wake up by the end of the month they arepulling the plug. 



Its been 3 months. She has a month left i cant lose her not now. I still need her i love her to much to let go. I looked at Livy hooked up to so many machines i decieded to take a nap on the chair. 



Livy is over its been 4 months since we began to date. "Harry yoou have something on your face" Livy said laughing pointing to my nose and whipping whip cream all over my face. I started to crack up "oh now its on" I grab the other can we started to spray each other with whip cream. "Paul going to have sissy fit" Livy said laughing "we better clean it up" i told her laughing "orr we can blame it on Louis" She said laughing. I started cracking up even more she has such a evil mind "okay babe its all louis fault". And look at the time Louis came rushing down the stairs and he picked up the cans of whip cream and he looked around and started laughing and to talk about timing Paul just walks in "What happen here" Paul said in shock he was. "look what you did Louis" Livy screamed out "Me" Louis yelled offened. "Three of you Clean it up now" Paul said  walking away "well you heard him boys clean it up" Livy said "he said 3 of us" I told her "yea you have to help to" Louis said. Then Niall came in "Niall help them clean it up" Livy told him "sure" Niall said all cool. "thats it you just going to do what she says" Louis siad laughing "in the long run it just saves time" Naill said. Livy just sat down qwatching her Greys Anatomy God I love her.



I heard beebing. I woke up and saw Livy machines going off. I ran to her "HELP DOCTOR I NEED HELP" I said screaming while tearing up. "Mr Styles you have to wait outside we will call you when we are done" Doctor Shepard told me. I walk into the waiting room and called Livy parents and the boys and the girls. *half hour later* We all waiting fo r the doctor to tell us if she dead or not.. The doctor comes oyut of the room "she awake and responsive you can go in but not all of you we dont want to scare her" he said "we 're go" Niall and I said, "okay now dont dont scare she still alittle dazed" "okay" We said and walked in. "Hey Livy how you feel" Niall said "okay i guess how long have i been out" Livy said quietly "umm about 3 months" I siad nervously wondering if she yell at me. "um Niall can you give us a minute" I told him "sure lad glad your feeling better Livy i be back " Niall said and left "bye Ni" Livy siad "Livy im so sorry about what happen i feel like this is all my fault and i havent left your side for the past 3 months I was too scared to lose you even leave you for 5 minutes i know what i did was wrong and unforgiving i dont blame you for hating me but please just give me a second chance. I told her she just stared at me "Harry I can never hate you no matter how hard i tried to hate you i just couldnt i love you too much I dont know if im just stupoid or inlove for doing this but i yes i'll give you another chance but i swear if you hurt me again im throwing you down a well. She said. I laughed "thank you Babe" Iwent over to hug her and kiss her. "I love you" I told her "i love you to" she said smiling



YAY HIVY IS BACK. I hope you guys enjoyed again i hate begging but i would love the feed back and if you have any stories you would like to share i will be more than happy to read them thank you for reading :)

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