The Skype Call Miracle

Olivia (Livy) Nicole Tyler is a typical girl smart, pretty, funny and absolutely in
love with British/Irish Boy Band, One Direction, but don't tell anybody, she likes to keep that a secret. but what happens when she calls her friend on skype but its not her friend it the one and only.........................Niall Horan


13. 13- Over Again

-Recap- Its been 3 weeks since the Hivy Break up. Some drienctioners are heart broken and hoping for the best and some are over the moon about it. Its been diffcult with them though they cant even be in the same room without fighting. does Louis Liam Zayn Niall Jessica Kaitlyn Chloe and Nancy have to pick sides Will Livy and Harry work it out and at least be friends again. Find out in this chapter Which Seat Should We Take. 


so everyone over besides Livy. I feel kinda bad it feels like we all have only been hanging out with harry and livy all alone.  "who want to go to the beach" harry suggested. We all agreed but me "im going to pass guys" i said "are you sure babe want me to stay with you" Kaitlyn asked she so sweet always thinking about other she the best gotlfriend a guy can have. "no babe you go and have fun i be fine" i told her. "okay call me if you need anything" she said and they left leaving me by myself.


its been a few weeks since me and harry broke up. i want to work this out i just cant know if i should trust him. i love him but he hurt me so much. i heard my phone ring i was surprise anyone would call me because of my stupidity i tookjthe fall for harry saying i cheated on him so he didnt ruin his rep. It Louis "Louis why yiu calling" i said confused. "ithiught you might finally need a friend" he said all cheeky. i was about to cry for the past 3 weeks nobody was here and i started to cut and i need help to break the streak . "i be over in a few" he said and he hung up. A few minutes later the bell rang and there was Louis standing at my door and attcked me with one of his bear hugs "so how are you doing" he askked "truthfully horrible i cant do it any more lou i dont understand why, what did i do wrong" i said as i burst into tears. He hugged me and told me everything is going to be okay. I showed him my cuts "Livy why he not worth it please dont do this i dont want to lose my best friend" he said in a shaky voice while kissing my cuts. "i promise lou i wont do it anymore" i said "thank you" he said and gave me a hug. We spent 5 hours watching funny movies and playing boared games and eating pizza. "my parents come home tonight" i siad "really do they know about what you been doing for the summer" Lou said pointing his eyes towards me "yea i chat them every night and morning, i cant wait  i really missed them and surprisly im excited about school take my mind of harry you know" i said "yea i get it, well i should get going i talk to you later" Louis siad as he smiled at me "yup i talk to you tomorrow thanks for coming i reall needed it your the best friend a girl can have" i said amnd i huged him and he left. For once since the break up i actually had a good time and smiled.



We just got home from the beach we droped off the girls and as we were pulling in i see Luis running to the front door "HEY LOU" screamed Niall. He saw us and ran to us "hey guys how was the beach" he siad "good you should of have came" Liam said "Next time Lad" Louis said "so man what did you do all day" i asked him "oh i was um hanging out with Livy" he said kind of nervously. I was kinda pissed he picked to hang out with her than go to the beach with us, "oh so now your on her side" i shouted out him as we got out of the car and into the house. "dude you cheated on her remeber that we told the pressed it was her to save your ass your not innocent one here its livy and you broke her you made her cut did you know that she tried to kill heself and while that was happening the rest of us we hanging out with you to get over her but in reality you cheated this wouldnt of happen if you werent stupid" he yelled back to me. He right i was being stupid me being drunk was no excuse to cheat on Livy and making the rest of them choose me over her when in reality she was the broken one hell i almost made her kill herself god i feel horrible im a horrible person. "im sorry guys i shouldnt have made you guys choose i talk to Livy tomorrow to work it out" i said. "alright man" Louis said. We all hugged and got ready for bed. 


i was reading some of the tweets some directioners sent to me and maybe they are right maybe i dont belong. I sat down a wrote a letter after i finished i went to my bathroom locked the door and sat in the tub full of water. I took my razor and cut til i cant feel my arm anymore after the 15th cut i drop the razor and fell in the water. *few hours later*. "Livy its moomy and daddy were home how was your summer" Livys Mother said "Livy are you awake" He father said. They ran up the stairs and into her room and noticed the note which siad: Im sorry i wasnt good enough Im sorry i wasnt strong enough maybe they are right maybe the wolrd would be a better place without me. maybe i belong somewhere else but not here so im here to say goodbye i love you please dont cry please dont miss me just rember i will be looking down and protecting you love you always <3 ~Livy. Olivia mother fell to the ground "NOOOOOOOOO" she screamed out crying. Her fater kicked down the bathroom door down looking at her helpless lifeless daughter in the tub covered in blood. They called 911 and are waiting in the hosptial and called Livy friends to come. The doctor came out and said "im dearly sorry mrs and mr Tyler your daughter Olivia is in a coma and we dont know when or if she will wake up. Her Parents broke down crying when th gang came running in,. "What happen" Harry cried out "Harry she in a coma again and might not wake up" Livy fateher said. Harry broke down crying but promised to stay and win her heart back til she woke up. "im not losing her again" Harry said quietly to himself "i love her".



Hopefully this was longer than the last ones i proised were going to be longer Hope you all liked it please give me feed back thank you :)


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