The Skype Call Miracle

Olivia (Livy) Nicole Tyler is a typical girl smart, pretty, funny and absolutely in
love with British/Irish Boy Band, One Direction, but don't tell anybody, she likes to keep that a secret. but what happens when she calls her friend on skype but its not her friend it the one and only.........................Niall Horan


11. 11- Haters Gonna Hate


Its been a few weeks now Livy is out of the hosptial and is all good. The Boys confirmed their relationships with everyone and they have the day off so lets see what they have in store with them today



So last week the boys had a interview and told the world who the 1D girlfriends are ever since we all got thousands of follows and of course hate. I try not to listen to it but when you get so much of and its all the time ots pretty hard not when thousands of girls are calling you fat, ugly, stupid, slut. ect. Louis tries to stop it but he only one person e cant do it alone so i just have to suck it up because when you date a celberty thats what you get..hate. "who wants to go shopping" Nancy said, I swear that girl is a shopoholic. we all agreed to go but Livy was groaning. "I hate shopping" she groan "if you go we will go to the candy store" Louis said. Her eyes lit up "well what are we waiting for lets go" she screamed runing out the door "im driving" Livy siad when she sat in the front "No your not I am" Harry was saying "but im a good driver" she protested "says the girl who failed 12 times" i said laughing " the teacher had it in for me i swear" she yelled. She sat in the passergers seat and harry drove while the rest sat in the back.


*ewww its the one direction sluts" said some girl "their probably using their money" said another one "they are so ugly i dont even understand why the boys are dating them" said another girl "how much do you think mangement paid them to date" said another. and more insults just came in "she ugly" "she fat" "what a slut" "they are beards" ect. usually hate doesnt effect me til now but im not going to cry about because thats what they want so im going to say something about. I stood on the fountian and shouted "LISTEN UP TO YOU GIRLS SAYING RUDE THINGS ABOUT MY FRIENDS AND I" everyone stop what they were doing and looked at me waiting for me to continue "I had enough with all the crap you say to me and the girls just because were dating the guy of your dream well you know what get over it because there not a chance you dont have to like us but yyou damn right have to resepct us didnt your mama say if you have nothing nice to say than dont say anything at all and just think what if you were us how would you feel if you got that nasty message sent to you everyday just because you were inlove how would you feel if you got called a slut or fat or ugly and ibet some of you get bullied at school and then come home and say some rude stuff to us and remeber this when you hurt us you hurt them" I shouted the place went silece and the girls put their heads down "that what i thought" i said as i got down and we left. "damn girl" Kaitlyn laughed. "i just had enough with the hate" i siad everyone was smiling how i stood up but harry didnt look to happy. "what" i said looking at him "nothing were talk about it later" he said "okay" i said awkwardly. we spent a few hous shopping and went out to eat. 


sorry its short guys im tired and sick i promise to make it longer next time bye love you guys please give me feed back :)

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