just a dream???

My heart was beating so fast i could hardly breathe. It was like a ton of bricks wheighing me down churning my stomach as I tiptoed across the creaking wooden floor. The floor stopped creaking as I reached out to open the door, I pulled down the handle, pulled open the door, then ...

Ebony Jones is just a normal school girl but when she starts having these wierd dreams things just aren't the same.


2. OMG!

I'm in the girls bathrooms now waiting for Mya. She's terribly tickleish so I'm just going to tickle the truth out of her. Here she comes now!

"Sit down Mya" I said, smiling sweetly.

"What's going on?" Mya replied. She looked a bit nervous.

"Oh nothing much," I lied "But you know something, don't you. Don't deny it because I saw you talking to Oscar. What did you tell him?"

"Nothing I swear!" she mumbled.

"I knew you'ld say that, so I came prepared. Get ready for some major tickling!" I cackled.

I was tickling only for about a minute before she finally gave in.


"OK OK!" she panted, "I just gave him your number because he already knew you had a HUGE crush on him!" she explained.

"OMG, Oscar Drew has my number!" I squealed.


I can't believe it. Tonight at about half eight I got a text off Oscar asking me out! We are officially boyfriend and girlfriend! I can't wait for tommorow because me, Oscar and Mya are going out for a walk with Oscar's dog ( a cream labrador called Bailey).

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