say you will

madison kelly is a normal 17 year old girl that lives in Georgia and loves 2 go muding and rides horses but what happen when she meets harry styles from one direction will she move past him and live her life or will she fall head over heels for him????


1. the jog

so i woke up and felt that it would be a good idea and go for a morning run so i got out of bed and put on my running short and a t-shirt and grabed my ipod and headphones. as i was running i had close my eyes because i knew the way and thre r never really many ppl walk through here but as i was running to the beat of the music i crashed into someone and fell and hit my head 

Harrys POV:

i was walk down the street and i turn a corner and a girl ran  into me i noticed that she had hit her head and was out cold so i picked her up and took her back tot he hotel room we were staying at will we were for the whloe summer and we just got here so but when i took her in first thing that happened was liam ran up to me and said "what happened here is she ok ? oh she passed out ok hold on i will get a cold rag!" so then i just put here down on the sofa. liam came back with a cold wash rag and put it on her head 


Madison's POV

I felt something cold on my head "is she awake??" i heard someone say "what??where am i? how did i get here?"i said "you were jogging and you ran into me and hit ur head a passed out so i brought u here oh and by the way im harry" he said "oh ok well thanks" " ur welcome and can i have ur number if you  dont mind ??" "yea sure" he handed me my phone and i handed him my phone and put my number in "ill text u later ok ??" he said "yea ok talk to you later"

so i walk back home and took a shower by the time i got out of the shower it was about   12:15pm now and i went down stairs to watch some tv so i turned the tv on and duck dynasty was on i love that show so much then si said he famous catch frase " i sting liek a butterfly and punch like a fli" it makes not since but its funny and i looked over at my phone and i had a text from harry i read 


hey do u want to go out for dinner tonight at myibas????


yea sure what time i will meet u there 


umm....7:30 and meet  me at the front door


ok see you then 


ok bye 

me: bye 

so i just sat around the house allday and watched duck dynasty and when it was about 6:30 i got ready for me and harrys date tonight 

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