What Love Is All About .

Katie Smith was a normal 18 year old girl that went to Carlson High School . She was walking with her best guy friend named Niall Horan . He was Irish & very sweet . They've been friends for 1 year now & Niall notices he starts getting feelings for her . But while they're walking down the hallway, Katie notices a boy she's never seen before . 'He looks so attractive . His hair is amazing . And his smile is just perfect .' Katie thought . "Hey Nialler ?" "Yes Katie ?" "Do you know who that is ?" "Ye , he's one of my best mates ." 'So Niall knows him . I kind of like Niall . But this guy seems like a nice guy . Maybe I could get Niall to help me get to know him .' Katie thought . Who will she go to ? Will she meet the new guy and get feelings for him ? Or keep feelings for Niall ? Well , click the read button and let's find out !


3. Walking Down The Halls .

Katie's POV:

One morning, me & Nialler,(the nick-name I gave Niall), were walking down the halls on our way to our first period. Stupid, useless, math class. I've always hated math class. Niall is actually good at math. I'm not, obviously. Me and Niall have all our classes together. We were partners for almost every project or assignment. Long story short, me and Niall always work together. Anyways, we were walking down the hallway and I noticed a curly haired boy at the end of the hallway. 'I love his hair', I thought. 'And his smile. Woah.' I've actually never seen him here. I decided to ask Niall if he knew who he was. "Hey Nialler?" "Yes Katie?" "Do you know who that curly haired guy is?" "Actually, yeah! We met about 2 years ago went I went to visit my Aunt in England. He was my Aunt's neighbor and so we got along with eachother. We got really close for about a month until I had to come back to Ireland. And then I moved here. To LA." "How come you never told me?" "Well, I didn't think it was important." "Well, could you introduce me to him?" "Sure. C'mon."

Niall's POV:

I noticed the way Katie's face changed when se saw Harry. Her cheeks turned rosy red and her eyelashes flicked every mili-second. I think she started to fall for him... Wait, no that's not possible. She hasn't even met him yet. I don't want her to like him... Or him to like her. I know how Harry is with girls. From what I heard in England, he's 'the big flirt' and 'the lady's man'. Oh no. Great. Harry is going to take my girl from me. Well, soon to be girl. I'm afraid they'll get too close.

Harry's POV:

I was cheking out my new schedule for this new school. I moved here to LA about 1 week ago and I finally got the chance to come to school. I was leaning on my locker and looked up and checked the hallway. I noticed a blonde guy. I know him! Niall Horan! The Irish guy I met 2 years ago! And I also noticed he was walking with a girl. Hmm, Irish boy have a girlfriend? Wow she's gorgeous. Her amazing brown hair. And her cheeks were rosy red. How cute. Seems like a shy girl. I need to find out if that's Niall's girlfriend. Sorry Niall, but this one is definitally mine. I noticed they were walking towards me. Shit Harry act cool, act cool. "Hey Harry!" Niall said with a tiny grin on his face. "Hi Niall! Wow, haven't talked to you in a while." I replied. "So, I see you've got yourself a girlfriend." "Oh no no, this is my best friend, Katie Smith." "Nice to meet you, umm, Harry." She even has good manners. Perfection. "Nice to meet you too, Katie." I replied with a cheeky grin plastered on my face. "So, Harry what's your first period?" Niall asked me. Umm, looks like math class with Mr.Greenburg." "Wow, really!? Me and Katie have that same class right now." "Could you walk me there then?" "Sure thing." Niall replied. I want to get to know Katie more. Maybe I get to sit next to her.


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