What Love Is All About .

Katie Smith was a normal 18 year old girl that went to Carlson High School . She was walking with her best guy friend named Niall Horan . He was Irish & very sweet . They've been friends for 1 year now & Niall notices he starts getting feelings for her . But while they're walking down the hallway, Katie notices a boy she's never seen before . 'He looks so attractive . His hair is amazing . And his smile is just perfect .' Katie thought . "Hey Nialler ?" "Yes Katie ?" "Do you know who that is ?" "Ye , he's one of my best mates ." 'So Niall knows him . I kind of like Niall . But this guy seems like a nice guy . Maybe I could get Niall to help me get to know him .' Katie thought . Who will she go to ? Will she meet the new guy and get feelings for him ? Or keep feelings for Niall ? Well , click the read button and let's find out !


4. Partners.

Harry's POV:

"Goodmorning students! Now please get out your math books and turn to pag- Ahh. Well I see we have a new student. Like to introduce yourself mister?" Mr. Greenburg asked me. "Erm, sure. Well, Goodmorning everyone. My name is Harold Styles. But everyone calls me Harry for short." "Does anyone have any questions for Mr. Styles?" Mr. Greenburg asked the class. I was actually hoped Katie would ask something.

Katie's POV:

Harry was up by Mr. Greenburg's desk because he didn't have a seat yet and Mr. G told him to introduce himself. You could tell he was really shy. Then Mr. Greenburg asked if anyone had questions for him. I decided I should ask something, to get to know him a little better. I raised my hand and waited for Mr. G to call on me. "Yes, Mrs.Smith?" Niall turned around and looked at me. "Uhm, Harry, do you have any siblings?" "Well, yes I do have a sister. Her name is Gemma." "Ok anyone else have anymore questions for Harry?" No one raised their hand so Mr. G gave Harry a seat in the class. "Ok Mr. Styles you can go sit next to Katie over there in the empty seat please." mr. G said. Oh my freaking gosh. Harry is going to sit next to me. Ok Katie act cool. Act smooth.

Harry's POV:

Holy shit Mr. G said my seat is next to Katie. YES! Styles wins! I started walking towards the empty seat and I saw Katie look down at her papers. I sat down and put all my stuff down and decided to talk to her. "Hi again." "Hey." She responded. "So, did you really care if I had siblings?" "Y-yeah, I mean, I-I was just wondering." She studdered. I think Katie likes me. Once again, Styles wins!

Niall's POV:

Great. Pretty boy gets to sit next to Katie. Nice. I didn't want to turn around because I just didn't want to see his face right about now. But I heard them muttering things I couldnt't understand. But then I heard Katie studder some words. Oh no. Katie can't do this to me. I have to ask her out before Harry does. Maybe I should ask her to hang out with me afterschool and we can have a movie marathon. Since it's Friday, we don't have to wake up early for schoool tomorrow. Perfect. I'll just ask her to come over right now. In front of Harry. You go Horan. Work them Irish skills. "Hey Katie?" "Yeah,  Nialler?" "Wanna come over after school? We can have a movie marathon. I can stop by the store and get snacks and movies." "Oh, uhm. ." Katie paused. She can't say no. She just can't.

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