What Love Is All About .

Katie Smith was a normal 18 year old girl that went to Carlson High School . She was walking with her best guy friend named Niall Horan . He was Irish & very sweet . They've been friends for 1 year now & Niall notices he starts getting feelings for her . But while they're walking down the hallway, Katie notices a boy she's never seen before . 'He looks so attractive . His hair is amazing . And his smile is just perfect .' Katie thought . "Hey Nialler ?" "Yes Katie ?" "Do you know who that is ?" "Ye , he's one of my best mates ." 'So Niall knows him . I kind of like Niall . But this guy seems like a nice guy . Maybe I could get Niall to help me get to know him .' Katie thought . Who will she go to ? Will she meet the new guy and get feelings for him ? Or keep feelings for Niall ? Well , click the read button and let's find out !


8. On The Way To Niall's House .

*Skip To End Of School*

Katie's POV:

I followed Niall out of last period and we made our way to his car. "Ok Katie so first we're going to stop by at the store to get some snacks and movies, deal?" Niall asked me. "Sure thing." I replied smiling. I'm quite happy for tonight. Spending time with my bestfriend. I hang out with him alsmot every other day but, I love Niall with all my heart so I love to just go over his house and chill. In the year and a half we've been friends, we've never had a movie marathon. So I'm guessing it'll be pretty fun.

*1O minutes later*

We pulled up to the store's parking lot and Niall parked the car and pulled off his seatbelt. "Alright Katie so you wanna come with me or stay here?" Niall asked me. "I'll come with you." I replied. We walked into the store and me and Niall seperated and searched for movies and snacks. I was walking down an isle and I noticed a curly haired man at the end of the shadow. I ignored it and kept walking down the isle and searching it at the same time. I guess I was walking to fast and not noticing where I was until I bumped into the curly haired man. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry I'm so clumsy oh gosh I'm such a clutz I'm so-" Then, the curly haired man turned around. "H-Harry?" "Katie?" "I-I'm sorry about that. I'll just leave now." "No, Katie!" "Yeah Harry?" "Are you busy tommorw night?" "Uhm, I don't know. Here's my number. Call me later and I'll see."

Harry's POV:

I was on my way home and my mom called me. "Harry hun can you please run to the store and get some tortillas? I'm making tacos for dinner tonight and I'm afraid the tortillas are all gone from last time." "Yeah sure mum. I'll be home in 15 mintues. Bye. Love you." I stopped by to the store and walked down random isles looking for the tortillas. I was looking at the 'Mexican Foods' are and I felt someone bump into me. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry I'm so clumsy oh gosh I'm such a clutz I'm so-" Is all I heard before I turned around. It was Katie. "H-Harry?" She said. "Katie?" "I-I'm so sorry about that. I'll just leave now." "No, Katie!" I called her to come back. "Yeah Harry?" "Are you busy tomorrow night?" Oh nice one Harold. Now you look desperate. "Uhm, I don't know. Here's my number. Call me later and I'll see." And with that, Katie walked away. I can't believe I just got her number. I will call her later and ask her on a date tomorrow night. I grabbed a packet of tortillas, walked to the cash register and there they were, Niall and Katie, paying for movies and snacks. I walked to the farthest register there was from them. I didn't want to talk to Niall. I'm so pissed. I know he'll make his move later. I walked up to the man at the register and payed for my things. And I made my way back home.


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