What Love Is All About .

Katie Smith was a normal 18 year old girl that went to Carlson High School . She was walking with her best guy friend named Niall Horan . He was Irish & very sweet . They've been friends for 1 year now & Niall notices he starts getting feelings for her . But while they're walking down the hallway, Katie notices a boy she's never seen before . 'He looks so attractive . His hair is amazing . And his smile is just perfect .' Katie thought . "Hey Nialler ?" "Yes Katie ?" "Do you know who that is ?" "Ye , he's one of my best mates ." 'So Niall knows him . I kind of like Niall . But this guy seems like a nice guy . Maybe I could get Niall to help me get to know him .' Katie thought . Who will she go to ? Will she meet the new guy and get feelings for him ? Or keep feelings for Niall ? Well , click the read button and let's find out !


10. Niall's House .

Katie's POV:

I gave Harry my number and walked away to look for Niall. I feel like I shouldn't of given Harry my number. I don't want to tell Niall right now. What if he gets mad? I don't even want to think about it right now. "Hey Katie?" "Yes Nialler?" "I found this movie. You cool with it?" It was Paranormal Activity 4. Oh no. "Oh, uhm, su-sure." "We don't have to get it Katie. It's ok." Niall asked. "No Nialler it's ok. I'll be fine." Niall knew how much I hated watching scary movies but I'll be fine. It's not like something's gonna pop out of the fricken tv, right? Well anyways, we walked to the cash register and I saw Harry at the corner of my eye. Niall didn't see him though, thank god. Was Harry stalking me and Niall? I wonder...

Niall's POV:

I was looking at the movies on the racks an I noticed there was Paranormal Activity 4. I know Katie hates scary movies but this will make her scared and then we're gonna end up cuddling! Nice one Horan. Once again, the Irish man wins. I toled Katie if she wanted to watch it and she kind of studdered but she said it was ok. So we went to the cash register and payed for everything.

Katie's POV:

We walked out of the store and got in Niall's car. I was pretty quiet when we were on our way home. I didn't want to tell Niall I saw Harry. "Hey Katie? You alright?" Niall asked me. "Oh y-yeah. I'm fine." "If it's about the movie, I'm not going to make you watch it. We don't have to watch it." Niall explained. "No Nialler it's not that." "Then what's the matter?" He asked with a frown on his face. "Nothing. Really, I'm fine." I replied. I hate making Niall feel bad or not talking to him like this but I really can't tell him. Something tells me I shouldn't tell him.

Niall's POV:

Katie was really quiet on the way home. She was acting really weird. Like she had seen a ghost at the store or something. I wonder. I tried to ask her but she just said she was fine. Maybe it was about the movie. I explained that she didn't have to watch it if she didn't want to but she said it wasn;t that. So I wonder what could've happened at the store. She was perfectly fine when we left school. Anywho, we got home and I opened the front door. Katie has already been at my house billions of times. But we've never had a movie marathon. So I hope it goes well. Well, it is going to go well because I'm going to ask her out. Hopefully she accepts. I walked into the kitchen and out the snacks on the table. And I put the movies on the coffee table in the living room. I figured we would eat something and chill out for a while first. "Hey Katie I'm going to make a couple of sandwiches. Want some?" "Sure Nialler. Thanks." "Anytime Kay." I replied with a grin on my face. I made 4 pb&j sandwiches for us. Two for me and two for Katie. Katie loved pb&j. We eat them all the time when we're together. And we make milkshakes too. I usually make the sandwiches and Katie makes the milkshakes. I turned around and put the sanwiches on the table and Katie was at the kitchen counter making teo milkshakes. "Need any help Katie?" "Oh no thanks Nialler." She replied smiling. She must've got over what she was upset about earlier. She finished making the milkshakes and we started eating our food. "So Katie, what movie should we watch first? I got The Lorax, Toy Sto-" "Ooo ooo Toy Story!" She yelled back before I could even finish my sentence. The girl loves Toy Story. "Alright Toy Story it is then!" I replied laughing. Oh I love the banter we have. We always have such a laugh together. I wish it just stays like this forever.

Harry's POV:

I got home and my mum thanked me for bringing tortilas. "How was school honey?" "Oh it was really good, yeah, really good." "Meet anyone new?" "Yeah actually. I saw Niall Horan. And this girl." "Ooo was she pretty?" "Very. She's a friend of Niall's actually. And I saw her at the shop today. I got her number." "Now don't go date her and ditch her like you did with Alexa." Alexa is my ex. We dated for about 1 week and we had sex and then I broke up with her. "I don't think I will mum. I think I actually love her. I'm truly, madly, deeply inlove with her." "Well what's her name?"  Mum asked me. "Katie. Katie Smith. She has amazing brown locks. It just flies across her shoulder. And her eyes are an amazing sparkling blue. She's perfect." "Well that's good honey. Maybe you should call her later." "Sure will mum. I'll be back down in a minute for dinner." "Alright honey." My mum replied. I'm going to call Katie later. Maybe in 7 hours. After dinner and everything.

Katie's POV:

Niall and I finished eating our food and we went to sit on the couch. I sat on the couch as I watched Niall get up and put Toy Story in the DVD player. I wish I had enough balls to tell Niall I like him. I would tell him but, now that Harry's here, I kind of like him too. But I don;t know what to do. Niall sat back down and pressed play on the controller. I started shivering, considering the fact Niall's house is super cold. I don't know how Irish people think but they're pretty crazy having their house so cold. "You cold?" Niall asked concerned. "Y-yeah. K-kinda. Can you get me a blanket p-please?" "Sure thing Kay." Niall replied as he got up and went upstairs to get a blanket. The movie started and the volume was pretty loud so I jumped at the noise. Niall came back downstairs with an Irish flag blanket. Gosh this boy. He handed me the blanket and I thanked him. He sat back down and we started watching Toy Story.

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