What Love Is All About .

Katie Smith was a normal 18 year old girl that went to Carlson High School . She was walking with her best guy friend named Niall Horan . He was Irish & very sweet . They've been friends for 1 year now & Niall notices he starts getting feelings for her . But while they're walking down the hallway, Katie notices a boy she's never seen before . 'He looks so attractive . His hair is amazing . And his smile is just perfect .' Katie thought . "Hey Nialler ?" "Yes Katie ?" "Do you know who that is ?" "Ye , he's one of my best mates ." 'So Niall knows him . I kind of like Niall . But this guy seems like a nice guy . Maybe I could get Niall to help me get to know him .' Katie thought . Who will she go to ? Will she meet the new guy and get feelings for him ? Or keep feelings for Niall ? Well , click the read button and let's find out !


5. Movie Marathon With Nialler .

Harry's POV:

"Hey Katie?" "Yes, Nialler?" "Wanna have a movie marathon at my place? We can stop by the store and get snacks and movies." Oh no. I wanted to ask Katie out for dinner tonight and get to know eachother. "Oh, uhm.." Katie began. I can't just be a jerk and butt in and say no. So I let her finish. "Yeah sure Nialler. I'd love to. I'll just let my mum know. I can probably just spend the night at your house. If your mum is ok with that." Great. Now Niall's gonna make his move. I already know it.

Niall's POV:

Yes! The Irishman wins! "Oh no it's no problem. My mum is ok with that." All of a sudden, the bell rang. Time for second period. Science. I hate Science. But Katie loves it. I hope Harry doesn't have second period with us. I want to talk to Katie before tonight. I have to know if she like Harry or not. But either way, I know she's my princess. We were made for eachother. I can feel it. 

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