Cookie and Candy go on the X-Factor and make it what happens when Simion wants them to tag along with One Direction for two years? Love? Heart break? Read and find out.


2. X-Factor Candy's Pov

"Cookie and I are just normal girls with amazing talent. We want to share that with the world so we're are going to 'wow' the jugdes and hopefully the see our gift. And if they don't I guess we don't have one." I spoke into the camera. Me and Cookie were standing in line talking to some people with cameras. We were 10 people away from us going in stage. I was so excited but with excitement comes stress and being nervous. Jeez I hope my voice doesn't crack or something.

"You guys are gonna do great." Cookie's mom reassured us. We were about to go on stage in front of Simon Cowel, Demi Lavato, and Louis uh I don't know his last name. Butterfly's tore at my stomach. The guy handed us our mic. Me and Cookie took a deep breath and walked on stage. People applaud and cheered and some even wolf whistled. Time to shine. I thought to my self. "Hello." Demi said giving us a warm smile. "Hello." We both said in usion. "What are you two lovely women gonna sing for us today?" Louis questioned. "Moments by One direction." I said with confidence. "I'm guessing they are your insperation?" Simon side with a slight smile on his face. "Yes sir we adore them." I said. "Well you go when your ready." Louis said smiling. I nodded my head as a signal to tell the guys back stage to play the music.

"Shut the door,Turn the light off.
I wanna be with you,I wanna feel your love, I wanna lay beside you.
I can not hide, even though I try."

Three minuets later we were done. The people gave us a standing ovation and Demi and Louis had the widest grin. Simon on the other hand had the best poker face on. "Soooo..." I said making the crowd laugh. "Girls.....that was beautiful." Louis said. "I'm just gonna cut to the chase its a yes." Demi said. "Yes." Simon said finally smiling. "Uh I think I gonna saaaay...yes." Louis said. "Thank you soooo much!" Me and Cookie gushed. "Oh and girls I wanna talk to you guys behind stage on break." Simon said going back to his poker face. As we walked of stage we both started to tear up. "Congrats!" Everyone screamed. We made it. Cookie and I are gonna be HUGE.
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