Cookie and Candy go on the X-Factor and make it what happens when Simion wants them to tag along with One Direction for two years? Love? Heart break? Read and find out.


3. Really?!?! Candy's Pov

We waited for Simon back stage. "I can't believe this is happening!" Cookie squealed. Ohh if you haven't noticed Cookie is the drama queen and I'm the more calm and collected. So in my eyes she like Zayn and I'm a mix of Liam,Louis,Niall, and Harry ❤. Anyway Simon appeared seconds later. "Ladies, since you said your inspiration is One Direction I you to spend two years learning about their singing. That does mean you will go to every sound track, Every photo shot, Concert, and signing." My jaw dropped and Cookie went bugged eyed. I guess we made Simon feel uncomfortable because he said; "You leave for Lodon tommorow so you bets get packing and you flight is at 5am sharp. But be there an hour early." Really fast then scurried off. I fought back the urge to scream at the top of my lungs. "Omg Candy we have to get going or we will be up late packing and I'm pretty sure you don't want bags under your eyes when you met One direction." Cookie said as she literally pulled me to the exit. "Ok ok. I can walk you know." I said getting in my silver convertable.

A/N:Hope you guys like it so far :)
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