Cookie and Candy go on the X-Factor and make it what happens when Simion wants them to tag along with One Direction for two years? Love? Heart break? Read and find out.


5. Mobbed

My light brown scanned the room looking for five guys holding a sign. I spotted them. I looked at Cookie she was already freaking out. "Cookie ok so if we want any chance with them you can't fan-girl to hard ok? And if you feel like you are going to the code word is 'kittens'." I explained. "Ok." We took a deep breath and walked over there. "Are you One Di-" I started but was muffled by a big hand on my mouth. My eyes darted to Cookie who was being muffled by a guy in glasses and a gray hoodie. "Unless you want a crowd of screaming girls mobbing us I suggest you keep quiet until we are some were more private." One whispered loud enough so we could hear. The one holding Cookie let go and she was trying to stay calm. Me on the other hand was still muffled. So I did what I only knew... I licked him. " "Eww why did you lick me?" One in a black hoodie, glasses, and a beanie whined. I have to admit that was kind of funny. I couldn't help but giggle. "Seriously why did you lick me?" He repeated "I'm not gonna just sit here and let a random guy keep his hand over my mouth." I stated. "Ugh whatever we have to get out of here before some one recognize us." One in a white hoodie said. From my directioners instinct I bet it was Liam. I couldn't see none of their face because they were etheir be wearing glasses of a hood. It was quite fustrating if you ask me not being able to see their beauty. Ugh. Three of the guys grabbed our luggage(Mind you we packed proably our whole wardrobe) and we walked to the exit/entrance. On our way out I dropped my phone and one them bent down to pick it up. When he came back his beanie fell off and his glasses did to revealing Harry Styles. "Excuse me but your bea-" I started but was interrupted by some girl screaming. Great now we have a mob on our hands. The boys carrying our luggage began to run and Cookie and I were scooped up bridal-styles. 'Omg I was being carried by thé Harry Styles!' I thought as held on for dear life. "That's quite a grip you got there,love." He whispered in my ear sending shivers down spine "Sorry." I said loosing my grip. We ran to a black van and hopped in. We were all safe but the crazy girls were rocking the car bang the on the windows. We backed up careful bat to run anyone over and sped out the airport parking lot. Cookie was in thé Niall Horan's arms and I was in Harry Styles's arms......omg. "So as you know we are 1D soo Simon said you were staying with us for two years?" Zayn said taking off his hoodie and glasses the others doing the same. "Yeah I hope that's ok with you." I said a little nervous. "I like your big brown eyes." Harry whispered in my ear. "Thanks." I said awkwardly. I guess Louis noticed because he shouted;"Harry fancys Candy!'

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