Cookie and Candy go on the X-Factor and make it what happens when Simion wants them to tag along with One Direction for two years? Love? Heart break? Read and find out.


4. Meeting Candy's Pov

I had just got done packing and fell asleep when my phone went off. It was a text saying that the boys are picking us up at the airport in London. I looked at the time 3am great time to get up. I stumbled out of bed and over to Cookie room. To my surprise she was already ready but she was sleeping. I decided to let her til' I got out the shower. I stumbled over to the bathroom. I turned to the shower on and stripped down. I hopped in and let the hit steam water run over my body.

I was in about for ten minuets when I decided to get out. I let my hair air dry. I pulled on a light blue flower shirt and some skinny jeans. We had to leave in 30 minuets if we were gonna make it to the airport in time so I went to wake Cookie up. "Cookie get up or your not gonna met One Direction." I whispered in her ear. She shot straight up and ran for her purple sparkly uggs. I giggled and went for my custom made 1D uggs. I grabbed my iPhone 5 and we set off for the airport.

When we arrived Cookie ran to the little Stabucks in the conor. The whole car she kept begging my for coffee and every time I said no she would groan. But now she gets it. "Exclusive flight 69 boarding now." A women over the intercom. Me and Cookie giggle at the number. I took a look the text Simon sent me with the flight number. It was the flight the lady called. We were lead by big buff men if black suites to the plane. Our luggage was took to a special compartment. Wow this is what if feels like to be famous. Me looked at our first plane ride it was empty.

"Excuse me miss but why is it empty up here?" I asked the flight attendant.

"It was rented out for only to two people." She said rolling her eyes

Wow I don't even know what I did wrong.....some service. Me and Cookie explored. It was to big recliner chairs with a flat screen in front of them. Me and Cookie sat down on the chairs and put on a seat belt that was attached to it. The were so fluffy and soft. I couldn't help my self but fall asleep.

*14 hours later*

I woke up to my phone vibrating. I had a text from Simon.
'I will meet you at the hotel the boys will be holding a sign with your first name on ok?'

'Ok Simon see ya soon'

I looked over to see Cookie reading some fan fiction. Jeezz I hope she doesn't fan-girls to hard; scaring them away. We were landing in about five minuets which was awesome but I was beyond nervous. 'I hope they like me' I thought to my self. We got our luggage which was pretty easy to find considering we didn't have to find them in a whole pile of suite cases. Great time to meet One Direction.
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