Cookie and Candy go on the X-Factor and make it what happens when Simion wants them to tag along with One Direction for two years? Love? Heart break? Read and find out.


7. Love?

'Did Harry really like me or was Louis kidding?' I thought. My thoughts were interrupted by Louis screaming; "WE'RE HERE!" I jumped a little making Harry chuckle under his breath. I nudged him a little to make him shut up. When we pulled into the drive way of a HUGE house a big buff man opened the door, he extended his hand to help me out. After the guy helped me out Cookie, Niall, Harry❤, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. I waited to be escorted into the HUGE house not wanting to feel out of place in such a big place. Harry ran up to me and grabbed my hand pulling me towards the doors. "Is this where we are staying." I said gazing up at the doors. "Yeah but there is only five rooms soo you and Cookie are gonna have to share a room with one of us." He smirked as he explained. 'He has the biggest ego but its cute' I thought as he got the keys out to the big doors. As Harry opened the doors I was hit with a aroma of Cookies and Cotten Candy. ❤❤ I looked at Cookie who looked like she was in Cookie heaven and then to Harry who had the biggest smile ever. "You didn't." I said taking in deep breath after deep breath. "Ohh yes WE did." Harry said stressing the 'we'. "How you know this was me and Cookie's favorite?" I questioned as I walked further into the house. "Um maybe because it kinda your names." He said pulling me towards a big room. As we walked closer to the room the smell grew stronger and stronger. When we finally entered the room the was a big round table with cookies and Cotten candy with sticks pocking out. Cookie appeared beside me and we stared in awe. "Are you just gonna stand there and look or are you gonna go eat?" Louis sassed at us. "Don't start with me Mr.SassyPants." I said snapping out of my Wonderland trance. "Haha so funny." Louis said with a lot of sarcasm in voice. Harry pushed me up to a table with cookies and Cotten candy. I didn't heasite to grab a cookie and some Cotten candy and stuff it into my mouth. Great I'm gonna have a stomach ache! (Sarcasm).
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