I Thought It Was A Dream

18 year old Callie Gallardo accidentally bump in to Harry Styles her idol after going to the One Direction Concert. Her life it turned upside down as she fall in love with Him and the rest of the band.


2. The Hospital

I woke up in a dazed not nowing were I was, I heard my best friend pacing around the room yelling at some guy screaming that he should of been more careful. I tried to open my eyes noticing the striking pain on my left side. She looked at me, same did the boy he looked relived that I was ok. Julia screamed YOURE OK I was so worried about you when he hit you with his car. I noticed the boy sitting in the chair next to the bed I was laying in. His head was down so I couldn't see his face. As he looked up I notice his emerald green eyes I saw right before I blacked out I knew who it was but tried not to go fan girl on him it was harry styles sitting there looking at me. In tried to get up to say hi but I almost fell at the pain, Harry grabbed my arm before I could fall. I sat down in a wheel chair he said that he was so sorry and hadnt seen me running and ran it to me with his car I can to see if you were ok but you blacked out before I could say anything. As I tried to picked you up to bring you to the hospital you friend here screamed and ran over to help she picked you up faster than i could and ran to my car yelling youre driving we hoped in and that is how we ended up here. I stated that I was hungry hoping to get some food seeing how I hadnt eaten anything sense 10:00 am and it was now 5:30 pm he wheeled me to the cafateria with Julia close behind i could tell she didn't trust him by the glare she gave him. As we walked in to the cafateria I say a boy with bright blonde hair and blue eyes chowing down Harry wheeled me over to him introducing him as his band mate Niall along with another member Lou who intoduced him self as the Carrot King and demanded I call him that. I responed ok carrot king and took a tray from Harry who had left to go get food he sat down and stated that the food was terablie and that he needed desent food. He was right the food sucked Niall said that he thought it was fine. Harry answer back that he Niall thought any food he found was fine and that Lou olny liked it because of the baby carrots along with the meal. He asked me my name and I responded Callie. He said that it was a beautiful name and said " well Callie I think we should go get some real food" I nodded in agreement but then relised I couldn't with my injury. I had broken my right knee and fractured my right elbow. He said that he was the cause of the injuies and he felt bad and said that it was his birthday and he was going anyway. I said today is your birthday Harry said yes then I responed mine is to that is why I was at the concert but I left my tickets at home so we started to run around the staduim to get to the car. He said then lets go birthday girl and he picked me up bridle style because of my injuries and told the nurse we would be back in 5 hours and checked me out the boys followed close behind we got in his car with the boys in the back with julia and me in the front, I was sacared at first seeing how that same car hit me 4 hours earlier and gave me two serious injuries. He sensed I was scared and told me I would be fine. We picked up his other bandmates at this huge house. Two boys aproched the car one of them with huge dark brown chocolate eyes and wavy brown hair he introduced him self as Liam. The next one intrduced him self as Zayn he also had Brown eyes and very dark brown hair that was spiked in the front. We all were in the car he asked me were I wanted to go, I said Roslia's My favorite italin resterant 30 minutes from my hometown. He put it in his GPS and started to drive.

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