Live While We're Young

Macy and her four friends; Lauren, Abby, Olivia, and Cameron are spending the summer at a private beach in california, when a mix up happens with arrangements. You will never believe who they bump into.


5. THIS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                                                         (still Lauren's pov)

After i finished my movie, i decided to take a nap. The next thing i remember is Macy shaking me awake, "LAUREN!!! We're HERE!" she sing-songed. "wha...?" i mumbled sleeply. "GET UPPPPPP!" Abby screamed in my ear. "WHAT THE HELL?!" i cried. "Do you wanna explore California or not?!" Cameron asked anxious to get off the plane. I quickly jumped up and joined the girls walking off the plane. "So what hotel are we staying at?" Abby asked. "no, no, no you stupid girl! you think we're gonna let you stay at a hotel for the ENTIRE summer?!" Olivia laughed. "what do ya mean?" Abby asked stupidly. "WE'RE. STAYING. IN. A. BEACH. HOUSE." Cammi explained. As soon as Cammi said that, Abby squealed, "NO FRIGGIN WAY?!". "yes" i grinned. The whole way to the house, Abby and Macy smiled. As we pulled up to the house, Abby and Macy squealed. "This is NOT our house!" Macy cried. "i'm sorry. you need to speak up. i'm now temporarly deaf!" i laughed. "sorry!" Abby yelled as she ran into the house. "And we lost her!" Olivia laughed.

                                    Cammi's pov

I face-palmed as I watched Abby run around the house screaming. I casually ran upstairs and yelled "DIBS!!!" and put my stuff in the medium sized, orange bedroom. "AS LONG AS I GET THE BIGGEST ROOM!!!" Abby cried. "KK!" i answered. i unpacked my stuff and ran downstairs. All the girls were already sitting in the GIGANTIC living room. "so it's settled!" Lauren said. "what is?" i asked. "we're gonna have a PART-AY!!!" all the girls screamed. i just rolled me eyes. 

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