Live While We're Young

Macy and her four friends; Lauren, Abby, Olivia, and Cameron are spending the summer at a private beach in california, when a mix up happens with arrangements. You will never believe who they bump into.


4. The plane ride there.

Macy's pov


I woke up in a flash, so excited we were going on a vacation in friggin california!!! I have never ever been there before and really, really wanted to go. so i put my hair up in the cleanest ponytail i could do and threw on my clothes and applied make-up. I then stormed  into Abby's room and yelled, "WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!" She looked pissed as she opened her eyes, "Shut up!" she screamed back at me and chucked a pillow, luckily it missed. "GET UPPPPPPP!!!!" i yelled. "Why???" she moaned rubbing her eyes. "Cause the girls are gonna be here in 20 minutes." i calmly explained with a smile on my face.  "20 Mins!?!?!? you know I take 35 Mins to get ready!!" she cried. And I did know that she took the longest time to get ready. "Well Speed it up!" i yelled from the hall. I ran downstairs to see Olivia, Lauren and Cameron standing in the livingroom smiling like freaks. I walked up to Lauren and gave her the biggest hug i could. Me and her have been friends sice middle school. Just then I heard Abby Coming down the stairs and i begged Lauren to tell me more about the trip but got cut off by her saying, "Wait." and a "Hey chickie-poo!" to abby from Olivia. "Hey evweybodYYYYY!!!!" Abby yelled a little too happy. "We have something awesome to tell you!" Cameron said. "WHAT?" she asked. "Well.......This summer..." Lauren started. "WHAT?" she cried again. "WE'RE GOING TO CALIFORNIA FOR THE VAY-CAY BABIES!!!!" Olivia screamed. We all squealed. "but come on we are gonna be late for our flight." i said. So me and Abby ran upstairs. I picked up my bag since i was already packed and i grabbed a bag i packed for her and we headed downstairs and ran out the door and climbed into the car. I was driving fairly fast. "Slow down." Cameron begged. "Oh ok i will." i agreed and slowed down. We arrived at the airport in just the right time. We rang us through and went and waited for our flight to be called. "uggh! I can't wait to get there. I'm so excited!!!" Abby cried. "calm down!" Cameron blurted. "I can't." she explained. Just then a loud slurred voice announced, "Flight leaving for california. Everybody please board the plane."  That was our cue. So we grabbed all of our bags and climbed on board.


Lauren's pov


I quickly found my seat. Me and Macy were sitting together and Abby, Olivia and Cameron were sitting together. Me and Macy talked for a bit, mainly about boys. "Do you think we will meet any boys?" i asked. "I dunno, but if we do Count me out." she said sternly. "Yes, yes i know you are taken." I said remembering she already has a boyfriend back at home. I just sighed and tilted my head back and started thinking, 'what if i find the right guy? we can't have a long relationship. I live too far away, we would never be able to see each other.' I sighed again and shoved my earbuds in my ears and turned my ipod on to the movie i was gonna watch. 'The Hunger Games.'


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