Live While We're Young

Macy and her four friends; Lauren, Abby, Olivia, and Cameron are spending the summer at a private beach in california, when a mix up happens with arrangements. You will never believe who they bump into.


1. Not a chapter

A/N: I'm just introducing the characters so;

* Abby: Medium Height, red hair that stops on her shoulders,Baby blue eyes, Major Directioner, Is a little nuts, Macy's Sister, 18.

* Cameron: Shorter than Abby, Curly Brown hair, Green eyes, Tolerates one direction (from being around Abby), Really funny, 18.

* Olivia: Tall, Straight blonde hair, Green Eyes, Directioner, Very giggley, 18

* Lauren: Tall, thin, Long blonde hair, Brown eyes, Likes one direction, Very active, 19.

*Macey: As tall as Lauren, already has a boyfriend just he isnt in the story, Short wavy brown hair, Brown eyes, Loves one direction, has a big mouth, sisters with Abby, 20. 

Canadian girls.

HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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