Live While We're Young

Macy and her four friends; Lauren, Abby, Olivia, and Cameron are spending the summer at a private beach in california, when a mix up happens with arrangements. You will never believe who they bump into.


7. Hungover

Lauren's pov


The next morning I woke up very dizzy and I was very nausous. I got up and stumbled to the bathroom. I just made it to the bathroom as I slumped over the toilet and just let all of last night come out. I wiped my mouth and turned to get into the shower but stoppd and screamed. Niall was curled up in the tub with one of my slippers intertwined with his hands. I quietly grabbed the shoe and started wacking him with it. He awoke and yelled, "What the hell! Louis i was sleeping!" "Umm I'm not Louis," I giggled. "oh sorry, Lauren." He said and blushed, "It's ok, I thought it was quite funny. But I need to have a shower so can you kinda get out of here?" I asked. "Huh?, Ya sure." he replied. He walked out of the room and flashed  a smile. "Just get out of here." I exclaimed as I pushed him out the door. I shut the door and plugged my ipod into the speaker. I stipped off my clothing and climbed into the shower and turned the water on extra hot. As I shampooed my hair I belted out "Safe and sound," by Taylor Swift, But kept having the feeling that someone was listening. So I hopped out of the shower turned my music off and wrapped a towel around me. I opened the door and smacked Niall with the door. "Oh my gosh! Are you ok?" I asked. "Yea, Yea I'm fine, just a little shaken. No biggie." He explained and smiled. "So, Why were you listening to me?" I asked smirking. "Cause... I loved your voice so I stayed." He said looking down. "Really? You liked it?" I asked. "Oh my god, yes. It was amazing." He stated. "Wow thanks i guess." I said twirling my hair. Niall stepped closer until we were only inches apart. "Umm... wha-" and I was cut off by a long, warm kiss. "That was something I have been dying to do." He exclaimed. "Wow," was all I could say. I could tell that he wasn't planing on kissing me. "Wait, do you like me." and it finally clicked. "Yea just a bit." He answered. "Well, I thought that was very sweet of you." I said smiling. "Really?" He asked. "Ya really." I said and looked at him. "Well then Lauren...." "Cambell-Brunke" I said. "Well Would you like to be my girlfriend." He asked smiling so brightly. "Of course." I said giggling. I then got dressed and then we went downstairs hand in hand. "OOOOOOOO, Tell me the details!" Macy Yelled as she and I ran to the living room.

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