Live While We're Young

Macy and her four friends; Lauren, Abby, Olivia, and Cameron are spending the summer at a private beach in california, when a mix up happens with arrangements. You will never believe who they bump into.


6. Dance Party!!

Olivia's pov


"c'mon everybody let's get the stereo." I suggested. So I ran upstairs and got the stereo and set it up near the window. We went and ate our take out that Macy went and picked up. When it got dark i plugged my ipod in and blasted Live while we're young. We all danced like crazy for hours. I went and sat down on the couch rubbing my feet because they got too sore. Everyone else was still dancing when we heard a knock at the door. "I'LL GET IT!!!!" Macy yelled over the music. She walked to the door and opened it.....


Harry's pov


We were all talking like a normal bunch of lads, when I heard a very loud noise coming from next door. "Do you hear that noise?" I asked. "Ya I hear it a bit, IT'S REALLY LOUD!!" Louis screamed holding his ears and running around the house. "We should go check it out." Niall suggested. "Fine by me." Liam comfirmed. So we got up and headed out the door towards the blaring noise. We got to the house and i knocked on the door. A fairly tall young lady stood in the door, she took one glance at us and snapped, "are you one direction or just some wanna-bes?" "No, love we are THE One direction in living and breathing person." I snapped back, but blushed. she was so gorgeous. "OMG!! I love you guys!!!" a girl with longer red hair yelled as she came squealing into the room, I could tell liam was staring at her. "Nice hair." he exclaimed and blushed. "Thanks, My name is Abby by the way." She flirted and then winked at Liam and smiled. "don't talk to them. These jerks ruined our dance party." the girl that opened the door snapped. "Don't get her wrong, she loves you guys, but finds it hard to be nice around people that ruin her jam." a thin girl said as she entered the room. "I'm Lauren by the way and I didn't know that there was anyone next door. I'm really sorry." She appoligized and then blushed, she would be a great match for niall. "Love, you never told us your name." I explained. "No and that was rude of me, I'm Macy." she held out a hand and smiled. "Would you like to come in?" A shorter brown haired girl asked. "Sure," we all said. we stepped into the house and sat on the sofa. Macy went over and turned on the music. "Let's have a dancing competition!" All the girls and louis screamed. So louis climbed up on to the dance floor and started doing his signature dance, pat the dog screw in the light bulb kinda thing. He finished and sat down. "come on cameron!" Abby yelled as the shorter, brown haired girl climbed up onto the dance floor and turned on "Troublemaker" and strated doing her thing wich included a bunch of break dancing and hip hop. "Wow that was amazing!" Zayn blurted a little louder than needed. "Thanks." Cameron said as she sat down on the couch and blushed. "Do you want a drink?" Macy came and asked us all. "Sure that would be great." I replied. She left and I followed her.


Macy's pov


As I went into the kitchen I heard someone follow me. I turned around and smiled. "Harry, Right?" "Ya?" he asked. "Oh I just wanna know, why did you follow me?" I replied. "Oh I just want to help that's all." he said smiling showing off those cute dimples that all the girls go crazy over. "stop flirting it ain't gonna work on me." I said and flashed a smile back. "Love why not?" he asked with a look of despiration on his face. "Cause i'm already someone elses girl." I explained and grabbed the rum bottle. "Oh, then i'm truely sorry," he appoligized and grabbed the coke. "It's fine you never knew." I chuckled. We mixed the drinks and went into the livingroom and served the drinks. We downed our drinks and never really found a winner to the dance compitition because everyone got so drunk.


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