On the run ( sequel to the first kiss )

SO yah the sequel read the first kiss first.


1. At the club ( sex content )

It has been 3 months since i been hiding out from Harry.It's kind of like me and Liam's secret. I ended up dyeing my hair occasionly . My outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=74395231 .  Later at the club i went to find Liam . when i bumped into someone and they pushed me into the bathroom stall. I look up and saw NIALL! 

" CARTER !?" Niall said.

" I'm not carter .." I said and looked at my shoes

" Yes you are i can tell, tell me the truth " He repiled gawd!

" FINE , but you can't tell anyone only liam and you know about it ! " I said.

" Ok, but Harry and the others are here , try not to reply to them." he said firmly.

i nodded and we headed out. I came over to liam and saw see harry working his hands up a girls shirt while makin out with her . 

" GAWD HARRY YOUR MAKIN ME PUKE! " i yelled , oh lord. 

he lunged his head towards me and his eyes popped out.

"Car-" He started.

" I Think we will be going ..." Liam said picking me up cinderalla style. 

Liam's P.O.V

when we got home i couldn't take it anymore. I kissed her passiontly and moved my arms up her dress and undid it for her. I pushed her on the bed and swiftly took off her bra. she undid my shirt and pants. Then i undid her  Underwear and she took off my boxers.

 " You been very naughty ;D  "  I said.

I handcuffed her to the bed and went in and out of me .

Carter's P.O.V :

It has been a week and i didnt get my period it couldn't be. I rushed into the bathroom and took 10 pregnancy test. Later... The results so be done i thought.I check them some had smiley faces or pluses. I WAS PREGNENT



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