adopted by one direction

Emma lives in an orphanage and has since the day she was born. Out of hundreds of people nobody wanted her. The orphanage was her home and the kids there were her family. What happens when a certain boy band comes to the orphanage.


5. packing up and moving out

I picked up pheobe and my phone and ran downstairs to see.............nothing there was nobody in the hall so I walked into the sitting room and saw all the children lined up in front of no other than one direction."aww cute dog" Liam said. I thanked  him and joins  my place in the line. "So what are you looking for " lisa asked."ummm a  girl that's not two old  but not too young soooooo about 12-16 years old " harry said. "Well we have 3 that might suit ,well 2 since I'm sure you go on tour and things come with me an  I will show you there profiles " I knew that I was the 3 that turned  to two because I have pets And play sport. They left the room to look at the profiles. I could here Lisa saying "really you want her...Well if you say so" they walked  back into the room and los  said"Emma  pack your bags your leaving now" I happy"can I bring the pets"I asked nobody in particular. Harry answered "yep" and smiled.I had a silent celebration before running upstairs to pack. Louis followed me up an  helped me pack . We talked while packing and laughed a lot. We currently my stuff into a backpack and a suitcase. Then we went out to the rabbit shed and packed all there stuff into a suitcase then put them into their carry cage. I went back inside and put pheobe on her  Leed and said my goodbyes to everyone. Then we went out to the jeep and took off. After a lot of talking,laughing and learning things about each other we arrived at this  house........... an  so the  adventure begins


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