adopted by one direction

Emma lives in an orphanage and has since the day she was born. Out of hundreds of people nobody wanted her. The orphanage was her home and the kids there were her family. What happens when a certain boy band comes to the orphanage.


3. introducing.....

Hello my name is Emma o Brian and I live  in an orphanage in Ireland. I look like Emma Watson when she was in harry potter an  the deathly Hallows just younger. I'm 13 years old an  I don't know if I have any brothers or sisters because I have  been in this care home since I was a week old . There are  12 other children ok in the  orphanage. Th  orphanage  I  on a farm with cows, sheep,donkeys,horses,pigs an  chicken  and  goats so there is always  plenty to be done.(I live on a Farm so that's why I had  to put it in cause  I can't imagine a life without the farm so Ya) I also have my on beagle called pheobe and two girl rabbits called nestle an  allie(these actually are my pets except my dog is called max)I live in the attic in the orphanage so I have.  Tiny room. They won't let the rabbits stay inside so they have to stay in a shed out in the garden that I payed for. I spend all my pocket money on my pets. I don't really care about clothes so I don't really mind. I play football (Irish football as in gaa football not American football or soccer) an  basketball and I also play the guitar. So that  pretty much everything about me  Ya so bye 


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