adopted by one direction

Emma lives in an orphanage and has since the day she was born. Out of hundreds of people nobody wanted her. The orphanage was her home and the kids there were her family. What happens when a certain boy band comes to the orphanage.


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I woke in my small room on Friday July 1st at 6:30 am just like every other morning except little did I know this day was going to be th  best day of my life.I put on a grey tracksuit with cuffs at the end and a baby blue Hollister hoodie with white converse. I tried my hair up in a messy bun and went down 2 flights of stairs to the kitchen with pheobe at my feet. I put 2 pop tarts into the toaster and got     some milk out of the fridge while I was waiting for them to pop. I got my pop tarts out of the toaster and sat Down to eat them. It was now only 7:00 so nobody was up yet. I finished my pop tarts them put the plate in the dishwasher. I walked over to them door and went outside. I walked over to the rabbit shed and cleaned them out, gave them hay water and food and played with them before I took pheobe for a walk to the shop. I walked In and said hello to the shopkeeper betty. I got a galaxy bar and a can of Pepsi that I would save for later. I started to walk home when my iPhone four (that I got for Christmas) rang. It was  the main caretaker Lisa. Saying that I had to get home because there was  someone her  looking to adopt a child. So I ran a  fast a  I could . When I finally got home I stopped in my tracks when I saw a black shiny land rover. I walked inside to see an anxious looking Lisa waiting inside the door"where  in th  name of God were you" she shouted. She didn't  even wait for me to answer before saying " no  go get ready FAST"so I ran upstairs to get ready as fast as I could. I put on tights with light denim shorts, a Barcelona jersey an   white Hollister hoodie with my white converse that are now more grey because  they are the only shoes I have. I picked up pheobe and my phone and ran downstairs to see...........

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