My Heart

Jade has been running for some time from her ex boyfriend JJ, who has followed her around and has abused her. When she thought those were her last breathes some one saved her.There was no way that he was who he was, famous Irish boy Niall Horan from One Direction. What happens when he finds her being abused by JJ in an alley...


2. The Suprise

Wait you dont have any clothes do ?I asked walking with her out of the room

No but I can walk home, its no problem. She said answering back

No way , no after what I saw! Are you hiding something? I asked concerned

Uh no I'm all good. she said looking away

I asked are you hinding not are you ok, so that means you are hinding something.I say worried as she covers her side of her stomach. I lifted her shirts a bit just enough to see her bruses.

This is bad Jade you need to be checked. I said putting her shirt down and looking in to her blue eyes.

No please dont tell anyone he will try to hurt everyone. She said as I looked down at her lips and leaned in to kiss her.Thinking in my mind what i would have to do to keep her safe and well of course how perfect this kiss is. We then pulled away. Walking to the door our hands touched and fingers entwined. I felt in a love a love that i never experienced not even my love for food. We get into the car and drive off.

The Boys POV

Damn Niall knows how to pick em! Harry budded in.

I know shes hot! Liam thought all our minds

Where did they go? Zayn asked

I dont know i think hes taking her out, wonder where they are going lads... Louis said

Jades POV

I knew he would find out sooner or later i couldnt have kept it to myself that long i just wish he would have found out later not sooner. We arrived at my house geting out the car. I was walking to my door when Niall yelled that he would meet me in a bit

To Be continued......


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