My Heart

Jade has been running for some time from her ex boyfriend JJ, who has followed her around and has abused her. When she thought those were her last breathes some one saved her.There was no way that he was who he was, famous Irish boy Niall Horan from One Direction. What happens when he finds her being abused by JJ in an alley...


1. No Matter Where I Go...

Jade's POV

I was against the wall bleeding, my thoughts were taking control of my mind. How did he find me? Did he follow me? What is he going to do to me? , questions rung in my head. I moved from Doncaster to Mullingar, how was he here with me right now? I cried as he hit me and kicked me. I fell to the ground as he kicked me in the stomach, and I heard a voice yelling, STOP!! The voice called running towards me and JJ. JJ ran as a tall blonde ran up to me helping me up. I coudnt believe my eyes, Niall Horan y-your Niall Horan I repeated over. Yes I am now lets get you some help, he said helping me up, tears still streaming down my face. Who was that my love? He asked worried as he wiped the tears and blood from my face. H-he keeps following me its JJ m-my ex. No matter where I go he has found me, I said with my head down. Well he wont find you at my place,he said opening the door to his car.You have been help but I cant get your in danger you dont know what he is capable of, i say nodding my head in a no form. But, I want to help you , to keep you safe, and I wont take no for an answer, He said in a calming voice.I smile and look down as he lifts my head up by his hand on my chin.

We pull up at his flat as I see the boys run outside to hug Niall and stoped in front of me. They escoted me towards the flat, I walked in and it was huge. They could have a concert in there. Niall grabbed my wrist and pulled me by him as he introduced me to everyone. I notice Perrie and Eleanor sitting on the couch and Danielle was in the kitchen. Eleanor or El ran to me. Oh sweetie was happened?She asked, I had realize that i was still full of blood. Um nothing, I answered.You need to take a shower come on you can borrow some of my clothes, Perrie said getting up and walking with El and me to their room. Thanks, I really apreciate all what yall are doing,I say. No problem sweetie you can sleep in our room, El said. Oh what was your name again, Perrie asked. Jade, I said and smiled.

I was getting dressed and sat down when I heard footsteps by the door. They had knocked on the door.

Niall's POV

I knocked on the door and she said come in. I walked in and her long blonde hair curled down her back.She looked beautiful.

Hey, how are you feeling?I asked

Good, she replied

Can I ask you something. I say sitting next to her

Yea, she said sitting closer to me

Can I take you out for a little fun? I asked

Like on a date? she asked with a big smile on her face

I guess if thats what you would want. I say smiling back

I would love that, where are we going? she asked

Thats a suprised. I said leaving the room as she was wondering where.

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