Secret Scars

I'm in love with my Best Friend. He is Justin Bieber. Yes THE JUSTIN BIEBER, INTERNATIONAL POPSTAR. When he finds out my darkest secret, will it tear us apart, or Push Us Closer Together?


2. Two


  We got to school at 8:15 , school doesn't start until 8:50 so we had some time to spare. We walked in to the school and Kelsey went straight to her locker, i know her to well. she is going to get her Basketball.
Girl is Basketball mad.
That's my type of girl...   We walked out to the court and had about 25 minutes until school started. "So Kelsey you gonna try out for the team??" I asked while shooting the ball into the net. Of course it didn't go in. I was getting my ass kicked, as always.   "NO!!" she shouted from across the court.
  "Kelsey you should tryout you are a really good player" i said walking over to her.
  "Justin i said No , now can we please leave it?" She said while walking over to her bag. She gets very sensitive when i mention trying out for the team.   ~ Kelsey
  Sat in first class , which is Maths. HATE the thing. only lesson i don't have with Justin ... BORING .  the teacher was going on about fractions or something. I wasn't really interested so i got my diary out and wrote in the middle page. I <3 Justin Drew Bieber Yes i am in love with my best friend. he just doesn't know and he never will. Rain knows and keeps threatening  to tell him. Stupid big Brother.  Loving Justin isn't my only Secret , i keep the biggest Secret to myself . Rain doesn't  even know and he NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER WILL.
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