Secret Scars

I'm in love with my Best Friend. He is Justin Bieber. Yes THE JUSTIN BIEBER, INTERNATIONAL POPSTAR. When he finds out my darkest secret, will it tear us apart, or Push Us Closer Together?


3. Three


Kelsey     The bell rang telling me that it was time for next period.  Im happy about next period , its Art with Justin , should be fun , i wonder what Mrs Smith will have us doing today. I got out of my seat and headed for the door when the school slut stopped me.  "Stay away from Justin , he is going to be mine." She said, blocking my way. What the heck is Wrong with this Bitch? Me and Justin are just best friends. "me and Justin are just friends Stacey" I said, trying to get passed her.  Pushing me back, she continued to talk. " Well i don't care , stay away from him." She said. I thought she was going to move out of the way, i  wasn't expecting what happened next... She Slapped me. Oh this Bitch I just walked passed her and walked to my locker where Justin was waiting for me. I smiled and walked over to him and swung my locker open. "Hey Justin" I said, putting a smile on my face. "What up Davis?" He asked, leaning against the locker next to mine. "The sky?" I asked, a small smirk playing at the corners on my lips.  He laughed "So Justin its Your Birthday in 2 days?" i said, while grabbing my art book "Sure is the big 18" He replied "So what are we doing?" "Nothing , Mom won't let me have a party because Scooter said so."  Oh yeah, Scooter. Justin's manager. "Well why don't i ask my mum and Dad if we can have a little party at the beach house?" I said closing my locker. "Really? you would do that for me?? " He asked a little shocked that i would suggest something like that. "Of course i would silly , you are my Best Friend after all" I said He Just Smiled and then Kissed my Cheek. I blushed a little.  "Thank You Kelsey , I love you" He said "Love you to Bieber, Now come on" I replied, looking to the right, that's when i seen the bitch Looking at us so i kissed Justin's Cheek, grabbed his hand and walked off to Art.   ~ * Skip the rest of the day * (At Home)   I was upstairs in my bedroom , which is nothing special , just a attic room filled with Psanders and One Direction Posters. I heard the door open and then close which meant Rain was home from Work. I got off my bed and walked down the stairs to see Rain sitting on the sofa watching Tv. "Hey" I said, sitting next to him. "Awright sis , how was school?" He asked, flicking through the channels. I faked Smiled at him  "It was same as ever. how was work?" i asked "Ok Kelsey, whats Wrong??" He asked, flicking the tv off. Oh crap , he can see right through my fake smile. "Nothing.. why would you say that?" I asked a little nervous. "You just look a little bit down , that's all" Rain said. "No i fine Rain , really" I said faking a smile once again. " When will mum and dad be home?" I asked  "soon i think why?" Rain  asked, raising one of his eyebrows "i wanted to ask them if i could have a party at the beach house for Justin's 18th" I smiled innocently. "I highly doubt they will let you Kelsey. you know what dad's like" He said standing up  "Kelsey is my little princess" he said in a mocking voice..  I smiled the widest smile  "No Hope!" Rain shouted "what i wasn't going to say anything" i replied , flashing him another smile "Yeah sure sis , whatever" he answered, turning and walking into the kitchen.   ~    I went back upstairs and got changed in to my pajamas. Shorts and a tank top. Kayleigh was coming round for a movie night :D which i was grateful for. I missed her today. Kayleigh is another one of my best friends,she lives across the road from me.  I grabbed my Diary and my Beats by Dre and put Justin's playlist on. I listened to his songs when i was lonely  He don't judge me. He is my best friend and he is an amazing singer.

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