Secret Scars

I'm in love with my Best Friend. He is Justin Bieber. Yes THE JUSTIN BIEBER, INTERNATIONAL POPSTAR. When he finds out my darkest secret, will it tear us apart, or Push Us Closer Together?


6. Six

  I was woken up by someone Shaking me "WHAT! What did i do?" I asked rubbing my eyes. I heard someone chuckle and then i heard Justin's voice. "Hey Sleepy head" He said still chuckling a little. I opened my eyes to see Justin standing there wearing a White Shirt , dark jeans and the Supras i bought him last Christmas. "Hey" I said lazily  "So are you gonna get up and get ready then?" Justin Questioned  I looked at him with a confused face. "Why?" I asked still very much confused "The Carnival Remember?" He said licking his bottom lip  "Oh yeah the Carnival" I said getting out of bed and heading towards my dresser. Justin Chuckled a little bit and then walked out and downstairs so i could get changed. I grabbed my Mickey Mouse Hoodie, Black tank top and my Denim Jean Shorts.  I headed to the bathroom and took a real quick shower. 
  * 10 Minutes Later*   I got Changed , grabbed my Silver Heart  necklace that Justin bought me for Christmas last year and put it on. I also grabbed my Silver Best Friend bangle which Justin also bought me. I Walked down the stairs all i seen was Kayleigh and Alex sitting on the Sofa Making out . "Eww you two get a room" I said  They both Laughed "Where is Justin?" I asked walking over to the coffee table and grabbing my phone.  "Your little boyfriend is in the Kitchen" Alex said.  I gasped  "KAYLEIGH" I shouted. Nobody was meant to know about my crush for Justin.  She looked at me and just smiled "Sorry Kels. You know what he's like. He knows when i am keeping secrets." she said hitting Alex in the chest. "JUSTIN" I shouted Justin came running out of the Kitchen and into the living room. "What , Whats Wrong?" Justin asked worried I burst out laughing at his reaction. "Oh Justy Bear" I laughed "What's wrong Kels?" He asked. I just smiled and grabbed my bag. "Are we going to the Carnival now?" "Yeah. I got a Surprise for you when we get there." Justin said walking out to the car. "Justin you know i don't like Surprise" I replied kind of sad. He knew i hated them. "Trust Me Kels , you will like this one." Alex said smirking. I crossed my arms over my Chest and walked out to Alex's Car.
  * 30 Minutes Later *   We arrived at the Carnival and the Lines were Massive. "Its going to take us forever to get in Justin" I moaned. Yes Justin was a popstar. Yes everyone knew who he was but that didn't mean anything in this town. "No it wont. Follow me" Justin said grabbing my hand and pulling towards a line that wasn't that busy.  "Tickets Please" the Women Behind the Desk said  Justin took out 4 Tickets and handed them to the lady. "Thank you sir . Enjoy your night"   We got through the gates and there was a big stage right at the front. "That's strange" I Said eyeing up the stage. "What is?" Kayleigh asked standing right next to me. "There's a stage." I replied.  "They have some people Performing tonight" Alex replied. "Yeah and you Lovely Ladies are gonna enjoy it." Justin said.
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