Secret Scars

I'm in love with my Best Friend. He is Justin Bieber. Yes THE JUSTIN BIEBER, INTERNATIONAL POPSTAR. When he finds out my darkest secret, will it tear us apart, or Push Us Closer Together?


4. Four

Kelsey   I was listening to my Favorite  Artist (Justin of course) when i heard a big knock on my bedroom door. I jumped off my bed a little bit startled. "Come in" I shouted, my back to the door. "Hey Girly" I heard a familiar voice say. It was Kayleigh. "Oh hey Kay" I said sighing. "What up Girl?" Kayleigh asked sitting on my bed. Kayleigh knew about my crush on Justin , She finds it cute . She says that she knows for certain that Justin likes me back but i don't believe her. "Nothing , wanna go have a quick game of Basketball before our Movie?" I asked standing up.  "Sure" Kayleigh said not even looking up from her phone. With that i went to my Wardrobe and got White and pink  Nike Basketball shorts for me and black and white Nike Basketball shorts for Kayleigh. I went over to my dresser and took out 2 tank tops, one for me and one for Kay .  "Kay you can change in the bathroom" i said throwing the clothes at her. "Thanks Girly" Kayleigh replied as she caught the clothes. Kayleigh went to the bathroom and i got changed , just as i finished pulling my top down Justin walked through my bedroom door. "Justin what are you doing here?" I asked kind of shocked. "What? i cant come and see my Best Friend?" He asked as he sat on the edge of my bed.
"Of course not but me and Kay were just about to hit the court for some B-Ball you wanna come down?" I asked while checking my twitter. "Yeah i'll come down but i will just watch" He said "Okay Justy" I said smirking, knowing he didn't like to be called that.     ~ *2 hours laters*
  Kayleigh gave up. I beat her ass. We walked around the side of the house to the front and i saw that my mom and dad were back. Time to ask. "DADDY!!!" I shouted as i walked into the living room. "What's wrong sweetie?" Dad asked a little bit concerned.  "Daddy? can we have a Small party at the Beach house for Justin's Birthday?" I asked sweetly  "No honey" My dad replied straight away. "But daddy why not?" I asked sitting next to him. "I can't trust you not to wreck the house and not to drink Honey Bee." He said looking at my mom. "what if Rain says he will watch us?" I asked hopeful  I looked over at Rain with Pleading eyes.  "Dad let them have a small Party i will make sure they don't drink and Wreck the house" Rain said from his seat. Yes... "Okay fine but Rain if anything happens , you are to blame got it young man?" My dad said sternly. "Yeah dad , i got it"  "Yeah , thank you so much Daddy" I said giving my dad the biggest hug ever. I ran into Rains arms and gave him a huge hug too . "Thank you." I whispered. "No problem Kiddo" I turned around to see Kayleigh and Justin Smiling at me. I walked over to Justin and give him a little hug too. "Thank you Mr Davis" Justin thanked my dad. My dad nodded and walked into the Kitchen. I went upstairs to take a shower and get changed. I told Kayleigh she could use the Main Bathroom to have a shower.   ~ *30 Minutes later*
  I came down the stairs to see Kayleigh Snuggled up on the sofa with Alex? When did he get here i thought to myself. "Hey Alex. when did you get here?" i asked taking a seat next to Justin. "About 20 minutes ago" Alex replied "Okay cool , you Staying the night as well?" i asked. May as well have all the friends i have over. "If you don't mind?" He asked
"No its Fine, Justin you are staying too right?" i asked turning to look at him "Of course Kels" He replied smiling at me. I loved his nickname for me :D . It makes me laugh. "So the Carnival is in town. We going tomorrow?" Justin asked " O h my gosh, yes!!" I shouted. Everyone laughed and then turned to watch the movie that was just starting.  That's all we did. we watched Movies all night. 
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