Secret Scars

I'm in love with my Best Friend. He is Justin Bieber. Yes THE JUSTIN BIEBER, INTERNATIONAL POPSTAR. When he finds out my darkest secret, will it tear us apart, or Push Us Closer Together?


5. fIVE


*Next Morning*   I woke up at around 06:30AM on the floor , i had my arms wrapped around someone's waist, i looked to my right and i was next to Kelsey. There was one Question playing through my mind?? Was i really Snuggled up to my Best Friend? The girl of my dreams? I lay there just looking at her. Looking at how Beautiful she was when she slept. She was Like an Angel. She turned around and opened her eyes. My arms were still wrapped around her tightly. Her eyes grew wider as she looked at me.
  "Justin why are your arms Wrapped around me?"
  "Kels" I started to say when she interupted me.
  "No Justin Don't... Please.." She begged me, getting out of my arms and off the floor.   "Kelsey i was only Protecting you"  I said also standing up.
  "What do you mean Protecting me!!? i am in my own house, i am safe." She yelled, walking away.
  "Kels you had a nightmare or something. You were Screaming. I hate to see you like that." I said looking straight at her.
  She looked Shocked. Suddenly she ran out of the living room.   Kelsey 

  When Justin had told me i had a Nightmare or something i almost had a Heart Attack. I ran out of the room and straight up the stairs. Not only was it a nightmare. Its was real life too. it was MY SECRET and no one elses. 
  "Kels , what's up Baby Girl??"Justin said walking into my room.
  He always called me that when i was feeling down. 
I just wished he would call me that Everyday and not just when im feeling down. 

I wish he was Mine...

I wish i was His...
  "Nothing is wrong Justin" I said composing myself and turning around to him. I smiled a big FAKE Smile. getting better at them.
  "Are you Sure Kelsey?" Justin asked
  "Of course Justy Bear" I smiled another fake smile.   "So what time are we going to the Carnival?" I asked going into my closet.
  "Well  its starts in 2 hours. so you have got sometime to get ready." Justin shouted from my doorway.
  "Okay well i shall just go for a shower and everything" i said
  "Okay" Justin said shutting my door and going off downstairs.

I didn't take a shower tho, i laid on my bed just thinking.
A voice in my head was screaming at me.
  Slowly i started to fall asleep and all i was thinking about was Him.
  My BEST Friend...
  My Crush...
  and most of all the only person i loved with all my heart.

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