Can All Things Go Bad? (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Lea and her two best fiends Emily and Jenna go to see a one direction concert. Lea falls for Harry and gives him to much information about her brother . Harry goes to talk to her brother to try and fix his bad habits while her brother gets really mad at Lea for telling harry .When Lea's brother Nathan didn't listen to harry , and kept on doing illegal things and hitting Lea, Harry insisted to bring the police involved,somehow Nathan finds out about harry's plan an that puts Lea's life in danger.Nathan has a plan to kill her while Lea found out she is pregnant. How will Harry protect both of them? he loves them both so much..


7. Chapter 7 : Trip to Malta (2)

Lea's P.OV 

When we arrived to Malta we were immediately greeted by Paul and some fans. Paul took our leagues while I called my mum to tell her we arrived. I dialed my mother’s number but it was on hold so I called home. After only 3 rings the phone was answered.

‘Hello’ A rough voice said which was my brother

‘Hi it’s Lea…erm is mum or dad there ? ’

‘Ahh Lea so you think you can run away from me uhh?’I could tell he had anger in his voice

‘Nathan it’s not like that I’m on vacation and anyway is mum there?’

‘Look you little whore I need money and I know you said you don't have money but today i know you got your pay check so.. but  you’re not here to give me money so how in the hell am I going to get money and no mum is not here she’s out with dad’ something tells me he had a few drinks

‘Great so what I’m hearing is mum is not home so bye Nath-‘

‘Wait,wait look I need money I have people to pay and If I don’t pay , I’m going to jail please Lea’

‘What have you got yourself into?’I asked , I knew I should have just hung up..

‘I just need them ok?’

‘For what so you could buy drugs?’

‘No I own money to people, it’s important boe please?’Boe is his nickname for me when he needs something

What am I suppose to do? I can’t let my brother go to jail my parents would kill him!

‘How much?’

‘$100.. I know it’s expensive for you but I’ll pay you back every penny’

‘$100 that’s a lot Nathan, promise me you’ll pay them back and not ask for more money at least for 2 months’

‘I promise you little sis thank you so much, oh and I love you ‘

‘Yea, yea I hope you keep your promises…’ Jenna gave me a sign for me to go.’I really need to go I’ll text you the code to the lock were I keep the money bye Nath Stay out of trouble’

‘Ok bye Boe‘ With that I hung up

As soon as I turned around I see Harry with a concerned look

‘Was that your brother, I heard everything?’Harry asked

‘It was but it’s nothing to worry about’

‘Did you give him the $100?’

‘Yes I’m not letting my brother go to jail!’

‘I know but after all he did to you, he bullies you for god’s sake!’

‘I don’t care he’s my brother and deep inside I love him ‘

‘Fine let’s just go then’ he said holding my hand tight while we walked out of the airport. The weather was sunny and really hot nothing like London.

‘You know I said that because I don’t want you getting heart love’ aw I love his voice <3

‘I know, and I really appreciate it, but he is my brother’

‘He is’ he leaned in and kissed me passionately until Niall interrupted us

‘C’mon guys let’s go ‘Niall said

‘Let’s go babe’ Harry grabbed me by my wrist while we got in the car Paul got for us as we were heading to Kemuna ..

Jenna’s p.o.v

‘So how long does it take to get there?’I questioned Niall

‘Ohh I forgot to say Paul said that it would take FOREVER to get there so Harry and I decided to just take you out to a fancy dinner!’

‘Cool ! does Lea know?’

‘I don’t know why don’t you go and see for your self ?’

‘Kay I’ll ask when.. wait are we going to the hotel or the resonant first ?’

‘I have to stop by the hotel soo first hotel than an amazing dinner sweety’

‘Ohh ok thanks for everything Nialler‘ I gave him a sweet kiss on the cheek

‘My pleasure !’ a few minuets after the car stopped as we reached to our hotel and said our thanks to the driver

The hotel’s name was Ramla Bay Resort , Niall said that is was far away from the fans so I guess more privacy ,Yey ?

It was beautiful everything is so peaceful here…. I love it here in Malta

As soon as I got out I went to go tell Lea the plans for  the night , I heard her telling something about her brother hitting her because she didn’t give him money ? what the fuck she did not tell me or Emily about this so why tell Harry I know she is all lovey duffy with him but were her best friends and she just met him anyways what was this about her brother hitting her..I really need to find out I am not letting my best friend getting hit by her own brother ! As soon as Harry left I’m guessing to get the luggage’s I went up to her to get an explanation.

‘Why the hell didn’t you tell me that Nathan hit you I could have kicked his little ass’ anger running threw me

‘Nobody was suppose to find out I was a Little drunk when I told harry and it just slip out of my mouth’

‘But why, we tell each other everything, we could help you’

‘Well for me not knowing is very helpful thank you very much, now you better not say that you found out because he would probably kill us both’

‘Wait! So Nathan did that to you , and that, and that’ she said while pointing to all of my scars’ I thought you wer just clumsy and all you poor thing’

‘I know what ever, don’t say anything to anyone ok ?’

‘I won’t but you need help Li Li you ant live like this’

‘Yes I can he promised to stop hurting me’

‘Fine! But if he hurts you he will have to deal with me’

‘Ok ok ,anyway you came to talk to me about something’

‘Yea I came to tell you that plans have been changed we’re not going on that island I forgot the name of anyways we’re going on a romantic dinner date!’

‘Haha anyways it’s Kemuna and ok let’s go’         

‘Wait promise me one thing?’

‘And that is?’

‘That you’ll tell me stuff like this sometimes it helps when talking to a friend..’

‘I promise now let’s go before Niall eats you instead!’

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